My 2018 Pledge: Write More

This is the third blog in a series of Pledges I have made to myself for 2018. I want to do more. My first pledge was to Read More. My second is to Write More. Or perhaps that should be Write Better.


It’s been just over a year that I have been blogging as Juniper Daze. I have been blogging for nearly 3 years in different contexts but last year I took the leap and bought my own domain.

I have really enjoyed blogging for the most of it and it has allowed me some fantastic opportunities and building up great partnerships with brands. I started a quite successful Gin of the Month feature, which saw me going out of my comfort zone and reaching out to Gin companies to be featured. I loved this, although I had to take a break from that. I had to take a break from blogging in general in July. Only posting up the odd review here or there and really cut back. This was due to personal reasons, that got messy and gave me the realisation that life is a little bit like the Hunger Games sometimes. Or at least that is what I felt at the time.

With that all behind me in October, I wanted to get back into it but couldn’t find my mojo. I was uninspired and I was writing posts for the sake of it. I wasn’t bothered about it. I was writing because I felt pressure to write, to keep up. I have since deleted the posts because they were embarrassingly bad.

So fast forward to now; something struck me after Christmas. I just got my mojo back I knew what I wanted to do. I want my blog to be real life, honest and relatable. I am not giving myself a schedule, I am not shoehorning myself into a category. I’m just going to be me. I’m going to stick to quality (I hope) not quantity. So to celebrate I am going to share some of my favourite posts from the past year.

My Favourite Posts Round-Up

KT Tunstall

My Favorite Gigs  – I just like re-reading this one and remembering some of the gigs I’ve been to!

Edinburgh Gin Flat Lay

Edinburgh Gin – This was my first Gin of the Month Review and I was really happy with it!

How to have an Awesome Day out in Glasgow – I remember writing this post and WordPress was not playing ball and it took forever to upload the photos. I was just really happy with this review!

Beer Garden, Juniper Daze

Aberfeldy – This was my most popular post last year. Probably because it got shared so many times by the different companies I featured despite not working with any of them. I also like this picture of me it’s a rare natural smile.
Disneyland Paris
Visiting Disneyland Paris as an Adult – I loved this trip, it was such a gorgeous day. This post was also annoying though because I wrote this review and a company that shall remain unnamed said that they wanted to work together if I added in links and they didn’t  and that annoyed me but onwards and upwards!
Paris Eiffel Tower
My Top Tips for Visiting Paris – Again I loved this post because of the Photography. Obviously, that is my amazing skills and nothing to do with the amazing weather and beautiful city!
I mean there are other posts on my blog that are good; there are some a bit rubbish. Every time I go back through my archive I always end up removing some posts and think nah I don’t like that now but onwards and upwards! I am excited about 2018 and hopefully a lot better content from me.



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