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Why I stopped being a Vegetarian

Why I quit being a vegetarian

I used to be a vegetarian. For the four years I was at University, I was a veggie. Until then I wasn’t that keen on meat anyway and decided just to commit to vegetarianism. I stopped after about 4 years and constantly get asked why did you stop so heres a guide.

Where’s the Veggie Options?

Restaurants clearly think by vegetarian option, we mean Macaroni Cheese. For too long I was left with only having macaroni cheese as the option of food in restaurants. Now I cannot eat cheese I am not entirely sure what I would eat. The best rubbish veggie option I ordered was a ‘veggie burger’ – this was a large mushroom on a roll. What is this! The worst time is going on Christmas Night Outs and set meals, everyone was getting steaks and turkey and massive plates of food, and I am left with essentially a salad that must have cost £2 to make. This leads me to my second point.

Why am I still hungry?

Vegetarian food was never filling enough. I mean if you stuff loads of beans onto your plate they are filling, but also have a smelly side effect. I never really felt full or satisfied as a vegetarian. Maybe I was doing it wrong.

Do I have to cook again?

So this is just a me thing. Because there was a lack of suitable veggie options, I had to fend for myself rather than relying on other people to cook for me. I was too lazy to do this, this is probably why I was still hungry. I did find a takeaway place across the road, I just phoned them and said Hey! It’s Steph the Vegetarian and they would send across a banquet. That was good.

Why did I not realise meat was so tasty?

One reason I became a vegetarian was because I didn’t really like it. I was wrong I was just eating the wrong kinds of meat. I hated chicken because it was too dry. But steak! Thats a whole new ball game! I love steak admittedly once I tried steak I renounced my vegetarianism and now have decided that I just down eat much chicken. People find it bizarre that I eat my steak rare, although recently had Blue steak which was beautiful! This was because when I was at school a man from Scotch Beef came into my cooking class and made us taste the difference in rare, medium and well done. Honestly a rare steak is so beautiful and tasty.

Why am I so Awkward?

I have talked before about how much of an introvert I am. The vegetarianism was causing too much of a focal point for me and I had to keep requesting meat free dishes when I went places. Or if I went round to peoples houses they had to cater for me. Except one family member who shall remain nameless once bought me a veggie alternative to burgers… Ham Pizzas.

Why am I so Ill?

When I was younger I used to faint a lot! I had low blood pressure and I was always ill. Looking back I don’t think I was getting enough nutrients that meat provides. I wasn’t well. Now I know vegetarians can take supplements and live very healthy but remember I am lazy.

There it is why I am no longer a vegetarian. Admittedly I do still often prefer the veggie option over the other options. Especially if a restaurant has made an effort to think of something for the veggies. I always go for a veggie curry in Indians – because a lot of the time the person that has prepared you meal is probably a vegetarian themselves so its always really tasty.

I do feel for the vegetarians, I feel they get a bad reputation but they have to work harder than carnivores. Unfortunately I am too lazy to do so!


3 thoughts on “Why I stopped being a Vegetarian

  1. I’ve been tempted to try being veggie for a week but I would run into the same problems as you. I’m just too lazy and non-confrontational.

    I watched millions of “What I Eat In A Day” videos by vegans on youtube and I’ve been tempted to try that but honestly vegetables kind of suck.

  2. Hiya! I don’t know where in Scotland you stay but in Glasgow it is no problem being veggie – nor vegan. I watched Cowspiracy on Netflix earlier this year and had to give up meat & dairy after seeing it. Modern factory farming is the largest contributor to global warming and uses up resources like water and land in ways that is not sustainable (See UN and other agency reports ) – and abuses low-paid workers. And naturally there’s the industrial abuse and death of animals, though it was the environmental argument that convinced me. So, 9 months on, how’s it going? Well, I haven’t struggled and am lazy fast food vegan so my guess was you weren’t quite getting it right – not knowing what you could eat out of so much stuff that is out there that is veggie…or vegan 😉 Oreos are vegan. Pret, Tesco, WHSmiths has vegan options. Even MaccyDs. Wetherspoons has a vegan menu, Zizzis etc. Meat may be tasty – but someone had to die for that. Cheese may be tasty, but that means a female calf gets taken away from its mum (cow’s milk is really breast milk for cows) and males shot for veal. Oh, yes, I hate mushrooms – risotto too. Thankfully there is loads of amazing restaurant/fast food and convenience foods out there 🙂 Even vegan microwaveable lasagna from Sainsbury’s.

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