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Things I have Learned about being an Adult

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a twenty-something girl, married with a full time job. I say girl because it still jars with me when a stranger calls me that woman or lady, that makes me sound like an adult. Although, I don’t feel adult yet. It still scares me a little I’m married. Married people are old. Here are 10 things that no-one tells you about adulthood.

10 Things I have learned about Adulting

1 £30 is not a lot of money.

When I was at school I used to get paid £30 a week. Just for being a school in 5th and 6th year. I used to feel so rich. When your an adult £30 is a cheap weekly shop if you’ve already got meat and leftovers in the freezer. You will take cash out and then get asked to sponsor someone you don’t know or particularly like at work to do something, then you’ll stop on the way home to get a Starbucks and then something for tea, your £30 is gone. Where does all my money go!

2. Small talk is an art-form

When your an adult your expected to be able to talk to strangers and sustain a conversation about adult things like politics, the weather and roadworks. I fail at this on a daily basis and just decide to sustain the awkward silence. I hate the small talk, right now it seems to be about Trump and what kind of president he will be. Or Brexit. Sometimes I wish I knew more then I think no it’s okay sounds too dull! I have finally found a hairdresser who just lets me sit, read a book or magazine and not have stupid conversations.

3. Electricity is expensive

“It’s like Blackpool illuminations in here!”

Classic mum line. However now that I pay for electricity and gas, I totally understand the nagging. Let’s get everything off standby, unplug all chargers. Wear more jumpers and go to be dearly to save on heating. Not just to save the planet but my purse.

4. Your metabolism will catch up with you

Remember them days where you would happily eat a large bag of wine gums, a whole camembert, half a loaf of bread, a 2ltr bottle of coke, a packet of icing, a bag of haribos… for a mid morning snack. You would still not gain any weight. I used to just constantly be eating, thinking of food or ordering a takeaway. Gone are the days of me being a a size zero, then I found alcohol. You have to learn your waistband and your bank balance cannot keep up with the appetite.

5. Staying up past 11pm is a challenge

Adulting is tiring. You can never get enough sleep, you will be tired in the morning, tired at night just tired. The thought of these youngsters who go out partying till 2am will fill you with thoughts of fear and bewilderment. I love nothing more than going to bed about 8pm reading a book and being asleep by 10. I look at youngsters who go out on a Friday afternoon and don’t come home until Sunday afternoon with awe and wonder! How do they do this!

6. The most mundane purchases will excite you

I remember the day I bought my Dyson vacuum cleaner. It was the most thrilling exciting day of my life. Between that and the Kenwood Chef, it was the best day of my adult life. My teenage self would be disgusted at me. I recently was at my brothers house and decided to be a nice sister and do some housework. His mop was really cool, it sprays water as you mop so you do not need a mop bucket. Of course I have now asked for one for Christmas!

7. Don’t buy the budget alcohol

Adulting means you need to stop buying alcohol based on the most percentage for your money. Instead you start to appreciate that paying more for alcohol actually pays off. You don’t get that burning after-taste and you actually enjoy your drinks. Saying that I still begrudge the amount of money a bottle of wine in a restaurant costs!

8. It becomes vital to keep a diary

Your life gets so busy with adult things like working and the weekly shop and mundane tasks that you see less of your friends. You have to book in appointments with them, sometimes this can turn into a Sudoku style puzzle when there is more than one friend you are trying to see at one time. Some of you might have to move away from your hometown meaning you do need to be extra organised whenever you do go home.

9. Fashion comes back around

Fashion designers seem to have reached a peak in the creativity and so are refashioning clothes from your childhood. But charging twice as much. Dungarees, chokers, Ellesse, jelly shoes and Pokemon. Are all making a comeback. I was never a fashionable 90’s kid, but perhaps this is my chance again. At the same time though I don’t want to become a clothes hoarder hoping my clothes will come back round again?

10. You will turn into your parents

You start to realise you are slowly turning into your parents. You’ll hear yourself saying things they said to you, e.g. Kids these days, or when I was young… You say them and start to hate yourself. Since when did I turn old? You’ll ask yourself.

So all in all being an adult sucks, it comes with all sorts of responsibilities, that your expected to know how to deal with. That’s what Pinterest and Google are there for though. We’ll get there in the end… I hope!

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