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A Letter to my Teenage Self

Dear Steph,

It’s Steph from the future here. First things first, continue to be yourself. Being a teenager is hard, there’s lots of pressure to conform. But trust your gut. Don’t worry about what people say, you will be glad in the future when you look back and realise you are your own person even if you’ve not got the right bag or hairstyle.


Stick in at school, I know you find things hard, especially Close Reading in English. Don’t be disheartened, you will fail, but then you will pick yourself back up. You will get into university, where eventually you will get diagnosed with dyslexia and your world will start making a little more sense. It’s not you, it’s them!

You unfortunately don’t follow your dream and become a lawyer, you decide that’s too hard, nor do you fulfil your destiny as a librarian because the careers advisor doesn’t really understand that your being serious. You’ll become a teacher, I shan’t tell you what subject, because if I told you you wouldn’t believe me.

You will make mistakes in your love life, you will get swept up in the moment. But that’s okay. Never regret anything. Boys really do come along and muck your life up a little bit so stay away. There will be some utter weirdo’s in your life but don’t worry it’s great stories for later life. You know that weird diabetic boy in your drama class, he has a big part to play in your future.

You will make mistakes, you’ll feel down, you’ll lose touch with people. But you will succeed, you’re going to have the best times of your life and you’ll meet some fantastic people along the way. You will move away from Fife, you’ll get married and buy a house, Bebo will stop being cool so start embracing Facebook. Pokemon is going to come back so save them cards, buy them tickets for Amy Winehouse you were unsure about buying because they were pricey and don’t let your boyfriend’s mum dye your hair blue, the hair will last longer than the relationship.

Take good photos but don’t look at life through a camera screen. You will lose some important people in your life so make memories! Most importantly, when one day you think you are going to become a stand up comedian and write a whole routine, save it in a secure location.

Keep dreaming, be yourself and block out those who dull your sparkle!


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