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Snow Day: Expectations Vs. Reality

When I was younger, I always remember the hype and excitement I felt at the sight of even a solitary snowflake from the sky. “Do you think we will get a snow day?”  Listening to the local radio and hearing them list a long list of schools and hoping that mines would be mentioned. I mean ultimately I lived across the road from the primary school and I think snow days were few and far between. But the buzz was there!

Fast forward a few decades and teacher me still gets the same buzz from looking at snow forecasts. Do you think we will get the day off? I mean with the invention of social media it’s not as exciting but nothing beats the thrill of a Snow Day Announcement. I start to think about all the jobs I will get done around the house, the work I can catch up on and the TV Shows I can watch. However, it never quite works out like that, does it?

I have had two full snow days and have a third one tomorrow and it has been a struggle. Day One, I was up earlier than I normally would and pottered about drinking tea – before I remembered I should really have rationed my milk. My husband and I then settled down to watch some Fargo although we easily got bored of that. We cleaned the fish tank out, put a load of washing on and hoovered all before 10 am. This was going to be a long day. When your a kid a snow day brings about endless hours of opportunity, your imagination runs wild. We were getting bored and cabin fever was starting to set in. This I think was when at one point, for logical reasons unknown, I started crawling along the floor whilst asking Alexa to play the Mission Impossible theme tune. (I initially wanted the Great Escape theme tune but she didn’t understand me)

I think the issue is you know your trapped in the house. If we had prior warning we could have gone and got stuff to do. Or we have jobs to do around the house but need materials from the shop. We did traipse out to the shop across the road to get soup and milk, but mostly a change of scenery. Day Two has been a bit more exciting; we went and helped some neighbors clear some of the roads. But I got really annoyed at 2 cars driving through the estate and onto our newly cleared bit of road without so much as a thank you; also we live at the very end of the estate so there’s no way we’re getting out anytime soon.

Instead, we utilised our outdoor warm clothes more wisely. We built a Gin Bar/ fridge and armchair in the snow. We actually started to sit and enjoy a drink in the snow until yet another heavy blizzard came down scuppering our plans.  This was after the day before deciding to make gin slush puppies – using Raspberry Gin and snow! We were going a bit mad.

The afternoons have been filled with True Crime Documentaries, I finally watched the Amanda Knox documentary and then the Aileen Wuornos one. Both were captivating and right up my street. But still at the moment I mean I know I could be doing a lot more with my days, like sorting out my wardrobe or cleaning our cupboards but I have zero motivation! We even managed a wee game of Monopoly, although it’s not quite as exciting with two people – especially when you play with the unofficial money on Free Parking rule.

Okay so let’s get this straight, I love a wee unexpected day or few days off work. But snow days are just not as fun as I remember. I do have to be thankful though I am not having to entertain a child or children on an unexpected 3 day school holiday!

Are you snowed in? Are you feeling the Cabin Fever? How are you keeping busy?

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