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Reviewing my Resolutions: One Month In

We are only just at the start of February and I am smashing my 2018 goals. Okay, Maybe not smashing, maybe just gently nudging.

A Wee Reminder I gave myself 5 Goals

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I have read 1 book! Which in fairness, I read it in a week which is impressive for me. The book was Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon. Paige Toon is a typical chick lit author. Her books are easy to read and super predictable, but really good at getting into reading. This was the great start that I needed. I am now reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed and fully expect to be off on a walk afterwards Lorelai Gilmore style.


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I pledged to write more in 2018 and so I have been makign an effort to do so. I have worked with some brands on sponsored posts, I have written some posts I am happy with and my stats are starting to grow again. I was particularly happy with my Essential Gin Bar Items post. 

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I want to just try out more stuff, visit more places, do things I wouldn’t normally do that sort of thing.

This was quoted back to me by a friend this month and so this month I have tried new things. I have been to a Sushi Bar, something I have always wanted to do. I have tried out Pole Dancing and I surprisingly enjoyed it! I have tried out an escape room too. I still need to do Yoga, watch more movies and visit a new island but I’ve got 10 more months!

Sushi Bar

Alcatraz - Escape Reality Edinburgh

Smile More

I have been trying to be a little more laid back. It’s sort of working. Some days are easier than others! My grand plan of instagramming daily happiness hasn’t quite worked but you know I’m busy discovering new things! I need to up my Insta game!

My Pole Dancing Experience

Make More

We’ve had a busy wee few weeks in January. I have some ideas about where I want to take the shop and new products so that’s all good. Keep an eye out for massive plans!


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