6 Thoughts Everyone Has Had in an Interview

6 Thoughts Everyone has had in an Interview

Lately, I have been going through a lot of Job Interviews. It is the season for it! The whole process is exhausting, the application, the interview prep, the interview, the nervous wait afterward. It is exhausting! There have been a lot of similarities in the recent few Job Interviews and so here are some thoughts and observations I’ve had in Job Interviews.

What are they writing?

The worst part of a Job Interview is when you are talking to the interviewers and they are writing their notes down. Now I know they do this but still, you are talking and thinking ‘this is Gold! Why are you not writing this down!” Also trying to read what they are writing upside down – I know I shouldn’t but I do it anyway then lose my train of thought and fail.

Why are they not laughing at my jokes?

I cannot help making puns or jokes in interviews. Sometimes deliberate, most of the time it is because I am waffling so much! I wish I could remember them afterward and share some, but they are a heat of a moment thing! I suppose a secondary point to this thought is STOP MAKING STUPID JOKES!

What am I even saying?

The heat of the moment often just takes you away! I find I catch myself speaking but not actually saying anything! You know in Bridget Jones when she is talking nonsense and the caption comes along the bottom F*******K! That caption come sup in my head half the time!

What was the Question?

This is a major flaw of mine, I suppose the line of work I am in. You get off on a tangent so easily that I do have to risk the question just to make sure in amongst my puns, jokes, and stories I am getting to the point!

Did You Not Just Ask This?

There comes a time when you are in a Job interview and you are asked a question and you think, ‘Did I not just answer this?’ Wait did I answer the last question wrong? How do I say the same thing again in a different way? Why are job interviews so like exams? Beforehand, I feel like I have to memorise so much stuff and forget to mention half of it. Then you check your notes after and are like ahhhhh!

Do I speak to the Competition?

I never know what the protocol is. Whether to speak to the other candidates as we wait for our interview, in the ‘holding cell’. Normally I do just end up chatting away to them and have met some lovely people. Once I went for an interview at my husband’s place of work and knew half the people there so it really psyched the other candidates out when I was on a tour of the building and people kept asking me how I was.


Ultimately I have come to the conclusion you could have an amazing interview, be on your top a game but you maybe don’t fit it with what they are looking for. I have always tried to stay true to myself, they know what they are getting.
Take this as a reflection, though, I always prep before an interview but don’t rehearse too much a script. I am honest in my interviews and always give a firm handshake. Think about how you judge others when you get when you are given a limp handshake… What’s for you won’t pass you by…

6 Thoughts Everyone has had in an interview

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