The Return of the Blogger

It’s been a while.


I’ve had a break from blogging, a long break. It was needed. I even went to Portugal for a few days!

I do enjoy blogging, I find it gives me an output for my thoughts, feelings and definitely helps with my mental health having an outlet. The thing with blogging is and no one really talks about-  is the pressure of it all. Bloggers that have a full- time job/ family/ blog/ Etsy shop/ friends/ time to wash their hair – I salute you!

The pressure of writing something, of going out and doing something to get content, of editing, of writing, of sharing and commenting and getting involved in Instagram pods and bloggers chats, of getting your DA up. I knew I wasn’t doing blogging for the stats but it’s inevitable that you get a little sucked into this idea of stats and in all honesty, it all got a little too much. You were being judged on your DA number and not your content (I’m still not entirely sure what it is)  I felt pressured to write something weekly and sometimes they were rushed, boring and full of mistakes. That’s not what it is about.

Instead, I started my own wee business (check it out, by the way, and so all my energy is going on this, but I do miss writing my wee blog about life and so this is my little welcome back post. I am not sticking to a schedule, I am still going to share my posts but I am deleting Google Analytics for now.

I am going to start up Gin of the Moment and I want to restart Book/ Movie discussions too! I have bought a Bloggers Planner from Paperchase and I am ready to see what the next few months bring!



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