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Deerness Distillery – Sea Glass Gin and Into the Wild Vodka, Deerness, Orkney

You may have already read my Ultimate Orkney Guide. Where I detail all my recommendations for visiting Orkney. I have already reviewed my visit to see where Kirkjugavr Gin is distilled. Today I am going to share about my trip to Deerness Distillery.

The Story

Deerness Distillery is one of 3 Gin producers in Orkney (The others being Orkney Gin and Kirkjugavr). It was created by husband and wife team, Stuart and Adelle Brown. The distillery is situated in the Eastern part of the Island in Deerness. They began Distilling Gin and Vodka after moving and settling in Orkney a few years ago.

The Gin

Firstly I will talk about Sea Glass Gin. Firstly the bottle needs a mention. Look how pretty it is. I love the branding that the company has gone with. It’s distinctive, classy and really pretty. It was designed by a local artist and the branding extends to other products within the distillery too! (More on this later!)

Sea Glass Gin from the Deerness Distillery.
Photo Credit – Deerness Distillery


Sea Glass Gin has a citrus note as well as a spicy undertone too. It has many different botanicals including cucumber and lemon verbena. It is a good bottle of gin that would suit many different taste palettes. It can be mixed about with different tonics and garnishes. We recently tried it with the Schweppes Salty Lemon Tonic and Peppercorns and it was delicious.

The Vodka

The distillery also makes a Vodka; Into the Wild. I am not normally a Vodka fan – I mean I think I had too many a Glens when I was younger. However, craft vodka is so much more different! Into the Wild is a smooth vodka, there is no burn and it is a really enjoyable drink. I never got a bottle of this and kind of regret it. I may need to order a bottle online!


Into the Wild Vodka from Deerness Distillery.
Photo Credit: Deerness Distillery



The Tour

The Tour was totally different to any other tours we have been on. The distillery is all in one room and so you are invited to take a seat at a bar. From here you can see the whole distillery and so Stuart talked us through the story, the process of making the Gin and Tonic and the plans for the future, with new projects being planned.

We then got to taste the vodka and the gin. We tried it firstly straight and then with Basil and Pomegranate Tonic before trying Hibiscus Tonic. Stuart was putting across the point that Sea Glass is such a versatile gin that it can work with different flavoured tonics and garnishes.

There is a shop attached to the Distillery that has an impressive range of tonics on offer from all over the place. Showing us that there is so much more than just Schweppes and Fever Tree. There was also some wonderful local products and branded products with the Deerness design. It was a great experience in the distillery and I would recommend a visit to the shop if you cannot make the tour.

More Info

The Tours must be pre-booked and cost £8, there are two tours a day. You can purchase the Gin or get more information online on their website I highly recommend you add this onto your Gins to Try List!

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