Being an Introvert.

I didn’t realise until very recently there where other people like me, I thought I was the only weird, awkward person that didn’t like having conversations if I could avoid it. Introvert

It wasn’t until I saw a Buzzfeed post about Introverts, I thought, yep that’s me! Obviously before I was too shy to ask anyone else. Here are somethings I have learned, observed and thought about.

1 One thing that irritates me are extroverts. 

People who just over share, that need to talk constantly, that ask stupid questions in my opinion and who always manage to bring the conversation round to them. I’m not saying every extrovert is like that, I admire people who are very confident but also think about others. But sometimes it’s nice just to be quiet and not fill every moment with your own voice!

2. I always think of what to say, after the moment and then think about it for the next 3 months.

Here’s a daily example. Everyday during the summer months I would get home from work and my neighbours would be sitting out in their gardens. I always said hello, but then after I kept thinking maybe I should engage them in more conversation, maybe I should have asked about the weather? They must think I am rude. I then complain to my husband that we don’t really know our neighbours and they never speak to us! I have this internal struggle everyday, yet I never do add-on to the conversation. This happens all the time.

Map of an Introverts Head

3. I don’t mind awkward silence

I think this is due to coming from a family of introverts, it’s not till an outsider comes in I realise that my family is quite a silent one. My dad and I can sit for hours in each others company and never say a word to each other. We can go for months without talking, sending the occasional text because we both hate phone calls. I totally don’t mind going places and sitting in silence, sometimes its really nice just to do that. I finally found a hair dresser that is cool with that and that has been the best moment of my life.

4. I probably picked the wrong career path.

Being a teacher, I do have to talk to people on a daily basis. Stand in front of a class of kids and talk about something. I am comfortable at this, because it is rehearsed, I’m confident in what I am saying most of the time and it’s just a different situations. It’s also I suppose a different kind of situation as you are by default the most knowledgable person in the room. Or at least you should be.

5. I too often get caught between conversations and just have to stand in the middle like this.

Kanye West Restign Bitch Face

This is both a confidence thing, by not wanting the focus to be on me. But also because my dyslexia means I take a wee while to process things. I am not sure entirely what we are talking about so just am awkwardly in the middle like a lost sheep, until my brain has processed what has happened and I think of a really good point to make after the moment is over.

Here are my five thoughts of being an introvert that I have had. It can be frustrating at times but its how I am and lets just celebrate that. Can you relate to any of them?

I found this website that helped determine your personality type and ideas.

Introvert vs. Extrovert

  1. You’ve never struck me as awkward in social situations. Teaching has made you a good actress!

    1. Thanks! I really am super awkward with people I don’t know!

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