Christmas Toy Guide – An Adult Walkthrough

I accidentally picked up a Christmas Toy Guide from Tesco the other day and started flicking through it at the dinner table. I had flashbacks to my childhood of flicking through the Argos Catalogue circling all the toys I wanted for Christmas. That’s where I got this inspiration for this post. I am in my late twenties, an auntie to a 5-year-old and the toy world is something that fascinates me. So I went through circling all the things that confused me.

  1. Free Stickers

    The Tesco Toy Gift Guide

Okay, this just needed a shout out. Well Done to Tesco for providing tow pages of free Christmas stickers. I mean I have an irrational fear of stickers but know this will keep any under 10 years old amused for at least 7 minutes! I may pick up a few of these just to have handy for Christmas presents and cards! (Can you tell I’m a teacher who’s a magpie for free resources)

2. Top Ten Toys

Let’s start with the Top 10 Toys. Number 1 is a LoL Ball. Firstly I thought the word LOL had died a death and only used ironically. Apparently not. I am really not sure what a LOL Ball is. Answers on a postcard, please.

LOL Ball - Tesco Gift Guide

Okay, my biggest issue with the top ten toys is; they are all so expensive. Have toys always been this pricey? If so congratulations to all the mums and dads/ Santas of this world.  One thing that did strike me was number 5 – A nail polish maker. We all know that’s going to be the biggest let down come to Boxing Day when your carpets, walls, and furnishings are covered in a stinking, bright blue gloop of disgustingness. That is the McFlurry Maker of its time. (FYI the McFlurry Maker was the most useless piece of plastic known to man!)

3. Baby Toys

Paddington  - Toy Gift Guide Tesco

So many mega cute things in the Baby section. I know a few people expecting a bundle of joy and I want to buy so many things. Like the Paddington Bear stuff is so cute and pretty timeless right? My question though, Do Babies Care? Most babies I’ve seen are literally happy with a bunch of keys or basically everything. I see why LadBaby is always looking for savings to make!

4. Annoying Toys

Annoying Toys- Christmas Gift Guide

I am Auntie of the year when it comes to buying annoying toys. This has ranged from a Ball Pit with holes on the side so the balls constantly fall out and my personal favorite Musical Instruments. I am waiting just a few more years for my nephew to start learning the recorder at school. That’s the best gift! (I know my brother will fine well get his revenge if I ever have kids)

5. Gendered Toys

It is 2017! Why do we still have pink kitchens and hoovers and ironing boards! Aimed at girls! And boys action toys and guns! It’s frustrating! Although there are some hints of gender neutrality like the wee girl rocking a spiderman web blaster. She’s cool. Also creepy dolls just need to go!

6. Retro Toys

Part of me wishes I kept all my toys from years ago. In the last 20 years toys, haven’t really changed much have they? Teletubbies are back, Lego is still popular, Playmobil is pretty much the same. Stretch Armstrong is still on the go! So are the WWE wrestling figures. Maybe this is why toys are so expensive they are an investment piece for you to keep for your grandchildren… if they survive past Boxing Day!

7. Toys that aren’t even Toys

One thing that annoys me on the ‘creative’ page is a multipack of Sharpies and Papermate Ink Joys. Firstly Sharpies, for kids! Are you for real? I once got a hole punch for Christmas in a stationery set and punched holes out of everything including pillowcases (my mum still tells this story). Could you imagine me with Sharpies? Secondly, Papermate Ink Joys are wonderful pens but they are pricey and pretty much only good for writing a Bullet Journal or fancy To- Do Lists.

8. Nerf Guns

I love a Nerf Gun and so this is my final point, a good game for adults to play when your child has gone to bed. Get a nerf gun and shoot it at the telly (unless you have a really powerful nerf gun, probably not a great idea) Any time it lines up with someone’s head you take a drink. Perfect festive fun drinking game!

I think that is all of my Toy Gift Guide review. If you are looking for another Gift Guide why not check out my own for my shop. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on my thoughts on the gift guide. Juniper Daze Designs – Gift Guide

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