6 Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

As you may have read I have had a little blogging hiatus recently. I’ve started a new job and become a full flung commuter and so whilst I got into a routine blogging took a little bit of a back seat. But I am back and have loads of ideas for posts I just need to find the time to write some stuff down.


I have an 88-mile commute to work now and so I spend a lot of time whiling the time away in the car, singing out of tune to myself and catching up on phone calls that I have to make. However, when I am not renewing my car insurance or fixing my tax code I like to listen to podcasts. I have always been a fan of podcasts, ever since I got my first iPod Nano back in 2007. I think they recently have made a bit of a resurgence and so here are some of my favorites.

Russell Brand on Radio X

Russell Brand has 2 podcasts, he has Under the Skin which is a weekly chat with different people about different areas of specialty. It’s perhaps more high brow and sometimes it’s quite intense to listen to. I prefer the Radio X, which is a podcast of his Sunday show. I have always been a fan of Russell Brand’s radio shows. I remember listening to his Saturday Night show on Radio 2, the infamous Andrew Sachs scandal (which was totally blown out of context IMHO) and so have loved having him and Matt Morgan back on the radio. The show normally features a few really random but interesting guests; from DNA experts, Elvis impersonators to a cyborg. It’s a few hours of nonsense a week.

Elis James and John Robins on Radio X

Another Radio X one but quite different. Elis James and John Robins are two comedians (you have probably seen them on 8 out of 10 cats or Mock the Week) We went to see John Robins at his award-winning Fringe show this year which was really good. The show normally has some funny stories and relatable anecdotes as well as some weekly features like the Shame Well (where listeners send in their cringe moments) This again is a good way to pass long car journeys stuck in traffic.

Serial Podcast

Serial is a few years old now but is still worth a listen. If you enjoyed Making a Murderer then this is for you. It’s the story of a man who is in prison for killing his high school girlfriend although the evidence doesn’t quite add up. The presenter Sarah Koenig works through different pieces of evidence each week to try and uncover the truth. It’s really addictive. The Second series is interesting but a little different; this instead focuses on Bowe Bergdahl a US soldier who was captured by the Taliban. The podcast is really addictive and you will end up feeling like a lawyer by the end of it.


This is made by the same people as Serial and is similar. It is the story of John B. McLemore told by Brian Reed. It starts off like Serial in that you think you are going to be helping solve a murder but then it takes a few more twists and turns and ends up like a strange sitcom.

David Baddiel Tries to Understand

This is one I’ve only just recently found. Comedian David Baddiel takes on a new topic each week to investigate. He completes research on and then feedbacks his findings to a listener who suggested that topic. Recent inclusions have been The Kardashians, fracking, Sunni and Shia Islam and The IMF.

Desert Island Discs

A Classic Radio 4 Show. If you don’t know the premise, basically celebrities go on and share their favorite songs that they would take on a Desert Island with them. Not only does it give you a new range of songs to listen to, it’s also a little snippet into the person’s life. It’s interviews and music at the same time. There also has been some really good guests that have interesting stories to tell.

There we have 6 Podcasts that you should subscribe to. I have much more on my unplayed list to try out like My Dad Wrote a Porno and Stuff You Should Know so I will no doubt have a part 2 of this guide when I add more podcasts to my repertoire. Let me know if you subscribe to any of these or have any other suggestions.

Ciao for Now!

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