My Favourite Bullet Journal Posts and Websites- Part 3

Well done for reaching Part 3. If you need to catch- up see the links below.

Part 1- Why Should I Bullet Journal?

Part 2- How do I Bullet Journal?

Now I am going to share some of my favourite places and people where I can get Bullet Journal inspiration. As I said before Bullet Journals are completely unique to the individual person. You will try things that will work for one week but not the next, you will muck up you will make pages you hate. It’s all part of the fun. Here are some of my favourite Bullet Journal inspirations.


Ryder Carroll- The Original Bullet Journal Creator. 

Boho Berry

Pretty Prints and Paper

My Life in a Bullet

The Lady and the Ink


Facebook Groups

1. Bullet Journal Junkies

2. Bullet Journal Bloggers

3. Bullet Journal Junkies UK

There are loads more, I will add to this blog post. If you know of any other pages/blogs to follow for inspiration let me know and I’ll add them to the list! If your a bullet journal junkie let me know, would love to share ideas. Make sure you are following me too!


My Favourite Bullet Journal Blogs and Pages

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