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Things to do on the Daily Commute.

My Commute

I have recently started commuting to work. Well I say that, before I used to live 22miles away from my work and it took half an hour each way. However in the countryside it doesn’t really feel like much of a chore, it’s quite a nice time,seeing the fields change, lambs growing up, trees change etc. Now however I am stuck driving across the slow moving Forth Road Bridge and the notorious Edinburgh City Bypass. My journey should take about 40 minutes, in the morning it takes about 55minutes but in the evenings it can be up to 2 hours! That is a lot of time which I feel is kind of wasted, also I have an incredibly short attention span so here are some things I do to keep sane on the commute to work.

tips to stay amused on the road

1. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are great at killing time. I probably listen to books more than I read them, I normally am too tired to read by the time I get home. I use Audible to get my audiobooks from and love how you can pay a certain amount for a monthly subscription. Some of the books can be hit or miss, in terms of who is reading them, but on a whole. I do love it when books are read by their authors. Sign up to a free Audible trial here! 

2. Car Snap

Car Snap is a game I invented at university as a means of procrastination. It is a basic game but keeps you on your toes. It’s customisable too. Basically a Car Snap is when two cars of the same make and model are next to each other. Groundbreaking Game I know! But you can add in extra matches like a two of a kind, where it is the same colour. Royal flush, three of the same type and colour next to each other. There could be a points system, a league table, a trophy! Any little game is good enough for keeping you amused on your commute.

3. Discover New Music

Use the time to listen to that new band that everyones talking about or ‘classic’ albums you should have listened to by now. Some recent recommendations I have are Joanne by Lady Gaga, although I am yet to listen to it. The Hunna, are a band one of my pupils told me to listen to and if you haven’t already listen to Chvrches – Every Open Eye. I love this album.

4. Improve your life

Use the time to visualise your day, get a positive mindset and plan your life. Some of my greatest plans are made when driving. I practice difficult conversations in the car, give myself pep talks. Sometimes I plan blog posts. Sometimes I just try to remember them, otherwise I record myself using my hands free. Even though it’s horrible listening to your own voice back, its worth it for the ideas.

There are just 4 things that you can do whilst in the car. Sometimes my husband drives and I often fall asleep although apparently this is frowned upon if you are driving and so I don’t do it if I am behind the wheel. If you have any other top tips of things to do whilst stuck in traffic let me know!

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