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The Chat Up Line Game

When I was at university my flat-mates and I used to play a game, every week in the union. The game was called The chat up line game. An original and catchy title. Before you ask, yes it took ages to come up with that.

The Game

This game involved a plastic cup full of chat up lines, several pints of cider and courage.We each chose a chat up line, and had to try it out on someone. We were in no way looking for a life partner, not even a pull, we were purely doing it for the giggles. This one time I got chatted up by a guy dressed as Dr Who. This was his line

“I’ve taken E tonight, so I’d be there mentally, just not physically if you know what I mean.”

This man is now my husband…

I joke, I never saw him again after that night except he once played at a comedy night at the union and I heckled him till I got thrown out. His dad is also now my MP. He never got my vote.

The Winning Line

Each week I tried out different chat up lines on the same guy, he was a friend of a friend. His name was  Tom, the first time I met Tom I asked him a very valid question, “What Ireland are you from?” To this day this is one of the best opening lines to an Irish person in my opinion. Although others laugh at me for it, it means I won’t offend anyone. Anyway poor Irish Tom, as he was then affectionately called, got the brunt of my chat up lines. None of which I can remember except from the final, ‘winning’ one. I felt bad for Tom, he’d been subjected to this for weeks, so I went and bought him a pint, Guinness obviously.

“Here’s a Pint!…” *

“Yes!” replied Irish Tom. “That is the winning line!”

I never spoke to him after that. I didn’t really have anything to say. It was a bit anti climatic, after weeks of trying to chat this guy up, once he had said yes I didn’t want to play any more. If you are a student though do try it. Who knows you may find a new life partner, or just have really good memories. Thats what uni is all about memories and life long debt!

Do you have any winning chat up lines? Or really bad ones you have had tried on you? Are they still a thing? It would be a sad day if chat up lines have disappeared.

* This chat up line and the subsequent response I got has been diluted down for the purpose of this blog as I know my mum reads it. 

The Chat Up Line Game

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