Embracing the Selfie with The Cotton Co’s Selfie Bag.

Selfies have totally taken over. I still feel I need to fully embrace them. I always get a bit awkward when taking a selfie and hate asking people to get together for a picture too. You may have seen that when Alas, I need to embrace photos more as I do love looking back over photos to remember moments in time.

The Cotton Co. Selfie Bag
The Cotton Bag Company kindly sent me a Selfie Bag to help with perfecting a selfie. The bag is a gorgeous pattern design that has an inbuilt pocket for valuables, a pocket for your selfie stick to make sure it is always at reach. The bag also has a unique reflective sheet that means you can hold under your face to ensure the perfect lighting each time for a selfie!

The Cotton Co. Selfie Bag
To begin with, I wasn’t sure about the logistics of holding the sheet up to your face and holding the phone in your other hand to take a picture but a little practice and you get there. The bag comes with a guide in order to get the perfect selfie – here’s a tip I recently picked up – instead of Cheese you should say Mocha for a smile and Prune for a pout. I tried both and still looked like Chandler Bing but you can try it!

The bag is very roomy and perfect for taking on day trips in the summer holiday. I am going to take it when I go on my tour of the Scottish Highlands and Islands this summer and perfect my selfie even more!

Where to buy a Selfie Bag

The Cotton Co. Selfie Bag
I love the unique and different idea of this bag and it would make a perfect gift for the aspiring Kim Kardashian in your life who loves a good Selfie. You can purchase the bags here  If Selfies aren’t your thing they are pretty bags that would be great on holiday too!

Thank You to Cotton Bag Co. for allowing me this opportunity to try out the bag and celebrate National Selfie Day.

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