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Discover More: I Try Pole Dancing

This is the year of Discovering More. I made a pledge to try new things, to push the boundaries and so last week I did just that. My friend Burgh Blogger has been telling me to come along to Pole Dancing for about a year now and I kept making up excuses. I think I just thought it would be awkward. I don’t do well in organised fitness classes, especially those when you are being watched by others and so I think this put me off. Low and behold thought she quoted my own blog post about trying new things back at me and so I had no excuses left to get out of it! I headed along to a taster class at Madame Peaches in Meadowbank, Edinburgh and thought if nothing else it’ll be blog content.

My Pole Dancing Experience

The class had maybe about 10 people in it, all of us feeling a bit awkward and unsure but it was all fine within a minute or two when the instructor sat us down chatted about what to expect and we were all put at ease. This wasn’t a class where everyone was sexy, skinny and fit. It was a class for everyone, inclusive and no judgment. I liked it already.

After warming up we were shown a Fireman’s Spin and given time to practice it. I was lucky in that I had a friend with me, who knew her pole but looking around it seemed even those who were there on their own were at ease with others. It was such a nice vibe. The instructor came and watched us, gave us tips and encouragement. I was surprisingly not awful at it and I was enjoying myself. We were shown a few other moves and given time to practice. I was getting on well but I think I just lacked confidence. For someone who never has been able to flex her arm muscles because she doesn’t know where they are, it was strange to be able to lift up your whole body weight on a metal pole. Looking back at the video I was actually much better than I imagined I was.

The hour went really quickly and I was quite sad because I was just getting into it. Now the million dollar question will I go back? For sure, YES! I just can’t sign up at the minute because I have loads on at work and you have to book for 6 weeks. But hopefully next term! My arms and abs are feeling the work out 5 days later so it must have been a not bad work out! I think I may have found the fitness for me. If you want to read more about Pole, I totally suggest reading Burgh Bloggers Pole Posts. She knows more than me. I didn’t include any videos or images of me but I have included pretty much accurate artistic impressions. My Pole Dancing Experience

What about you? Have you ever tried Pole Dancing?

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