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My 2018 Pledges to Myself – Do MORE.

DO MORE - Organisation

Some may call them New Years Resolutions, other aims or goals. I am just going to call them pledges to myself. Oh yey! I hear you cry another: New Year, New Me post. But why not! Why not use the new year as a time to take stock, reflect and make an improvement. If it lasts a few days who cares. That’s a few days better than last year. Thats a few days of you thinking about yourself and how you want to change. Good on you! As T. Swift says – Haters Gonna Hate.

I work in an occupation where I am driven by targets, tracking, percentages, pass and fail and SMART targets. The place is full of people hoping for you to fail, fuck up or do something wrong so they have something to chat about at lunch. I actually re-read Vix Meldrew’s Fuck Budget post. She’s a fellow teacher and has totally hit the nail on the head when it comes to giving a fuck at work. Today I am sticking two fingers up to all of this and just reviewing 5 things I want to just do MORE of. Thats my theme of the year: Do More.

Now, I don’t want to really do so much more, that I burn out and make myself ill. I just want to use my time more effectively and focus on what really matters to me. My plan is to do a summary of my 5 aims but then have separate posts detailing what I really mean. A blog series if you will!

  1. Read More 

2. Discover More

3. Write More

4. Make More

5. Smile More 

Each day this week I will be adding to these with a post all about what I intend to do and how I intend to do it. So watch this space! I am totally in love with the planner from Busy B – for helping me track my goals and life!

Share with me your pledges for 2018!



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