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Live Music- My 10 Favourite Gigs and Concerts.

I love going to gigs, I love live music. I’ve been to some fantastic gigs, some terrible gigs (mostly those put on by my ex boyfriends band…) some weird gigs and all round fun gigs. I used to be that person that got there early so I could stand right at the very front, but then my heart decided it wouldn’t play ball and I kept fainting. I still love going to gigs, here are my 10 favourite gigs.

Kasabian, The Alhambra, Dunfermline

A few weeks before they headlined Glastonbury, Kasabian played Dunfermline. The Alhambra Theatre is a theatre, which was turned into a Bingo Hall, then back to a theatre. This is where the pantomime is every year, its just a standard town theatre- just so you have an idea of how mad it was to have Kasabian play here. The band come on, the sound system fails during the first song. Rather than getting annoyed or booing, the whole theatre sang all of Kasabian’s hits accapella for an hour until the band came back on! The atmosphere was buzzing! Serge also came up into the balcony to play a song from there. It was phenomenal.

Kasabian at the Alhambra

Scouting for Girls, The Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

The gig wasn’t overly brilliant, I don’t really like this venue, it’s one big barn so unless you are at the front you can’t really see. But I do have the best story from this gig. I went with two friends from school- we were too young to go ourselves so my mum had to take us. Best moment ever was when we had got a prime location standing at the front and this really annoying girl came and pushed in front of us. My mum was not having it and made the girl move! So mortifying but hilarious to look back on- no one messes with my mum!

Scouting for Girls
Don’t judge my poor photography…

KT Tunstall, The Loft, Forres

You can read about this gig further here.  I love KT Tunstall’s voice. This was an incredible gig as we were right at the front for it and it was such an intimate venue!

KT Tunstall

The View, Rothes Hall, Glenrothes

Again, I feel I should explain the venue. This is massive games hall in a shopping centre; the town’s library is in the foyer of this building. The library was where the bar was, 2 vodka cokes and the latest John Grisham please! The support band were a local band, the lead singer went to my primary school, he was at my 6th Birthday party. I told everyone this, I was pretty drunk that night. I had just failed a student placement and had a horrific week. The gig was the perfect opportunity for this, The View are the type of band that play songs you can just let your hair down and go a bit mad!

Texas, The Alhambra, Dunfermline

I love Texas. To me they were the band of my childhood, my mum used to always listen to their albums. This was a 25th Anniversary tour. I have such a girl crush on Sharleen Spiterri. They are probably one of the best bands live ever, you don’t realise how many hits they had. Listen to their 25th Album if you haven’t already done so!

Florence and the Machine, The Corn Exchange

Again this was more the story than the gig. Although Florence is incredible live, this was before she was really famous. Anyway my friend and I went to the gig, we couldn’t be bothered standing in the queue; we went to MacDonalds next door, went across 2 minutes before the doors opened and just went in with the surge of people. This girl went mental at us and told us she was reporting us she demanded our names- of course we gave fake names. This girl went to go ‘report us’ meanwhile we went to the front of the gig!

Mumford and Sons, Queens Hall, Edinburgh

This was a brilliant gig, it was before they were famous. The tickets cost £8. I love the Queens Hall as a venue, it’s a converted church, it feels intimate. We sat upstairs, right above the stage. When the support band was on there was a guy sitting next to us, after the support band he got up and left and never returned. It wasn’t until the band came on we realised- we were sitting next to Marcus Mumford. It was a brilliant wee gig.

Jay Z, T in the Park

I was working at T in the Park on the Thursday and Friday, we got in for free for the rest of the weekend. My idiot ex- boyfriend was also there. On the Saturday night, he wanted to go home- before Eminem came on. I was raging but did it, we only lived half an hour down the road. Then on the Sunday, he did the same thing he wanted to go home early. At this point I said no. He had to find his own way- I think he called my mum. I instead went and found my brother and went to Jay Z. We were right at the front, I soon lost my brother. It didn’t matter Jay Z was right there! I was basically at T in the Park on my own having a blast!

The Vaccines, The Picture House, Edinburgh

The Vaccines were playing Edinburgh in August as part of the Fringe. I had bought the tickets for Mike for his birthday. Mike and I went, it was at this time we started dating and at this gig was where we sort of agreed to go out with each other. This therefore is a really special gig.

The Vaccines, Picture House Edinburgh

So there is a selection of my favourite gigs. Tell me about your favourite gig.

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