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I, Tonya – Movie Review

“You get your money out of the Odeon Limitless!”

Indeed I Do!  Especially at this time of the year. So many good films at the cinema! February’s Odeon Screen Unseen was a film I have been eagerly awaiting – I, Tonya. I was so excited about it when it came up on the screen.

I, Tonya stars Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding, an American figure skater in the late 80’s, early 90’s. She was notorious as she wasn’t your typical figure skater type. With homemade costumes, scraped back hair and a volatile upbringing Tonya was a hellraiser in the Figure Skating world. The biggest controversy surrounding her was the FBI investigation into the attack on her biggest rival and whether she had a part to play in it. I hadn’t heard of this controversy but from a subsequent reading of articles about it, it seems to be the scandal that shook America before the OJ trial. (There is a nod to this in the film) .

I Tonya Movie Review

The story seems almost too mad to be true; but again reading a New York Times article about it it appears the only things that were not true in it were; she bought the fur coat rather than making it herself, she doesn’t swear as often as the film portrays and there is some artistic license about how she spoke to the judges. Apart from that though Tonya Harding has said is mostly accurate and at some points not far enough. The film is funny but in a what on earth is going on, this is a mad life kind of way! The film was based on interviews with the main people in Tonya’s career – her mother, her ex-husband and her ex-bodyguard. All three are wonderful characters (wait they are real-life people!)

I Tonya, Movie Review

Margot Robbie steals the show, initially, she is unrecognizable as an older Tonya and you are hooked from the start of the film. There are elements where the slightly psychotic Harley Quinn style character comes out. I love Margot Robbie! I would not be surprised if she wins the Best Actress Oscar!  The supporting cast is also incredible. Alison Janney, who you may recognize as CJ from West Wing, plays the foul mouth, zero fucks given attitude mum.

I genuinely don’t think I have a bad word to say about I, Tonya. It’s a superb story, superb cast and even has a cracking soundtrack.    I think if you enjoyed 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, you would enjoy this one. It’s the same line of dark humor.

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