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The Shape of Water – Movie Review – #OdeonScreenUnseen

This month’s Odeon Screen Unseen was The Shape of Water. If you haven’t heard of Screen Unseen, basically once a month the Odeon puts on a film that is not out yet to watch. The catch being you don’t know what the film is until you get to the cinema. They post really cryptic clues beforehand, but the clues never actually make sense. Even once you’ve seen the film. We have an Odeon Limitless card and I’m all for discovering new things.

The Shape of Water

There has been a lot of hype about The Shape of Water especially surrounding the Movie Awards. Although based on the trailer I wasn’t sold on it. It just looked a bit too strange and not my cup of tea. Therefore when the BFI screen came up announcing that was this months screen unseen I was in two minds. It was good because I would see a film I probably wouldn’t choose to see but at the same time, I didn’t fancy it.

The plot summary reads as:

‘The Shape Of Water’ is a modern-day fairy tale that chronicles the unlikely romance between a mute cleaning lady and the mysterious creature imprisoned at the laboratory where she works.

Yeah. It was a strange one. I don’t want to give too much away or sway too many opinions so classic teacher style here I’m going to go with my 2 Stars and a Wish approach to movie reviews.


  1. The Acting

Sally Hawkins is excellent in it. Considering she plays a mute she is phenomenal and she deserves an award. I really felt for her character. I also was kind of inspired to go learn sign language. Octavia Spencer is also excellent as she always is. Although controversial opinion here is that she is becoming a little bit typecast? I dunno just the last few films I have seen her in she plays a no-nonsense best friend.

2. The Cinematography

Bare with me. I don’t mean to sound like a complete movie snob. Say what you want about the plot of the film, it is beautifully shot. There is something about films set in the 1960’s they are beautiful. It’s the colours, the retro vintage style, and set design. Shape of Water was no exception. I know that it won the Best Director Emmy and it was well deserved. It’s hard for a film novice like me to describe why it was so wonderful but there was something about the film that just made it pretty to watch.


My wish for this film was the plot. It was so predictable but not only that if you’ve seen the trailer, you have seen the whole film. I was watching the film waiting for a twist in the plot knowing what must happen because it was in the trailer. Apparently not, the trailer is the whole film. Why do film companies do that?


Overall I would say The Shape of Water is an okay movie. It is not as good as Three Billboards… It’s perhaps worth a watch if you maybe have read the book and want to see the film but don’t go expecting any groundbreaking plot twists.

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