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The Post – Movie Review

Speilberg, Streep, Hanks. A recipe for movie success. Therefore I had high hopes when I went to see The Post, starring Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks as well as a great supporting cast such as Sarah Paulson (the lawyer from the People Vs. OJ) and Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman from The West Wing) amongst others. All directed by the film god that is Steven Spielberg.


The Plot

The basic premise of The Post is; The Washington Post is about to go public and is struggling with getting good stories and is forever competing with the New York Times. The New York Times manages to get hold of some top secret government documents regarding the Vietnam War and publishes them until they are given an embargo against publishing anymore. This is when The Post steps in and tries to get hold of the documents.

Tom Hanks plays the Editor in Chief – Ben Bradley and Meryl Streep stars as the newspaper owner Katharine Graham and they are brilliant at playing out this conflicting relationship between appeasing their socialite friends and contacts (both were friends with the late John F Kennedy) and upholding the first amendment of the United States and Freedom of Speech.

My Thoughts

I was in two minds about going to see this film. I have a short attention span and I was worried I would get bored watching the movie. The film is over two hours long but it is fast-paced and exciting. It wasn’t too drawn out and there were quite a lot of good one-liners. The couple in front of me was laughing out loud all the way through. Which was a bit over the top I thought? Like it was funny but not clapping your hands in the cinema because it was so funny. Maybe I am too judgey?!

One thing I would say about the film, which isn’t really a criticism of the film per say just a top tip. Read the Wikipedia page for the Vietnam War and possibly even the Watergate Scandal, before you go. You need a little bit of background knowledge I think, just to understand some of the plot or the importance of it all. Although it’s no biggie if you don’t. I think it really is an interesting watch as a reminder of history repeating itself in terms of the presidential relationship with the press.

The film was good and watchable but I am not sure it was Oscar Award winning. Of the Oscar-nominated films, I have seen so far I would still stick with my opinion that Three Billboards by Ebbing Missouri is the Film of the Year.

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