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Deadpool 2 with Odeon Fort Kinnaird – A Movie Review

Deadpool 2: Movie Review

Sunday is such a chill day in our house and what better way than to spend it at the cinema watching Deadpool 2 at the Odeon in Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh. We watched Deadpool this morning to catch us up on the story. I will be honest I didn’t initially like Deadpool. It took a few watches for me to warm to. It’s not my favorite movie but I was looking forward to Deadpool 2. Even if it was just for Ryan Reynolds.

One thing I love about Deadpool is the comedy element. Ryan Reynolds is not afraid to take the mick out of himself or others. The promo that he does in the lead up to the films is always really funny; like the videos with David Beckham and Hugh Jackman. This I think is the saving grace of both the films. Without the comedy element and breaking the fourth wall,  I think the films would be just another superhero movie.

Deadpool 2 starts very dramatically with an explosive scene that appears as though he is killing himself. The rest of the film then takes you to the backstory to him wanting to do this. We also need to remember that Deadpool is pretty much invincible. Spoiler: He “dies” several times in the film. Does he die for good though?

If you have seen the trailer, you may know that this film focuses on Deadpool’s mission to save a mutant boy named Russell. He starts up his own team – the gender neutral and legally different X Force. Although as you can probably imagine it isn’t the most streamlined or successful superhero team. There are plenty of fight scenes many of which are pretty gory, but it is an excellent action film.

I think if you loved the first Deadpool then Deadpool 2 is more of the same. I don’t think it was anything extra, better than the first, nor was it really different than the first. It was more of the same. It may take a few watches for me to fully appreciate it I feel. All in all, it was a nice easy Sunday Afternoon watch.

Odeon Fort Kinnaird

Odeon Fort Kinnaird - Exterior - www.juniperdaze.com

We were invited along to watch Deadpool by the Odeon at Fort Kinnaird, although this is the cinema we normally go to. We are Odeon Limitless members and so try to get to the cinema once a week. We love Fort Kinnaird as it is convenient with free parking, we can nip into the shops if we need anything and if you really want to make a date of it there’s plenty of restaurants like TGI Fridays or Chiquitos, our two favorites. We were upgraded to Premier seats, which we’ve never been bothered about, however, after today we realized the seats are actually so much comfier and it’s worth it for the leg room. It may be hard to go back to standard seats after this!

Odeon Fort Kinnaird - Premier Seats - www.juniperdaze.com

I would like to thank the Odeon for inviting us along and giving us such great seats and a combo box to enjoy!

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