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Miles Jupp Interviews #edfringe Review

My second Edinburgh Fringe Review is dedicated to Miles Jupp Interviews which takes place in the New Town Theatre in George Street. Which, for those who know Edinburgh is the Freemasons Hall. That is one thing I hate about the Fringe, the names of the Venues don’t always match up to where you think they are! Like the Pleasance Dome is in Bristo Square or buildings take on new names that you don’t have a clue where they are! Anyway, I digress!


Miles Jupp, who you may know from Radio 4 Comedy Podcasts, Have I got News for You and my classroom wall because he’s a celebrity that has studied Theology. (I am a Religious Education teacher and so try to promote how cool the subject is in any way possible!), is doing a short series of shows at the Fringe where he interviews people of interest. Each day is a different interview so no two shows are the same. There is a cracking line-up; from Val McDermid, Judy Murray, Richard Osman and on the day we went to see John McCarthy. You can read the line up here. 

I am firstly going to put my hands up and say I hadn’t heard of John McCarthy before, but luckily I checked the line up before I went and did a quick google. John McCarthy is a journalist, broadcaster, and presenter who is most famous for being held hostage in Lebanon in the 1980’s. In my defense, he was released 3 months before I was born hence why I hadn’t heard of him. This was fine though because between my quick Google, Miles Jupp’s introduction and the interview itself, I feel I know a lot more about him.

The hour-long interview passed really quickly and although the discussion was quite hard-hitting, both Jupp and McCarthy managed to find humor in the discussion. John McCarthy told many anecdotes about his time in captivity and out of captivity. Answering quite serious questions as well as things that we all are wondering like what did they eat in captivity.

I would highly recommend a visit to see Miles Jupp Interviews at the Fringe which is on until the 12th August. Every day will be an interesting and different interview. If not I recommend you read more into John McCarthy because his story is super interesting. There are two films about him, Hostages, with Colin Firth (which McCarthy says is not as good) and Blind-Fight, which he consulted on.

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Rating – 5/5 


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