Reasons Why You’re Never Too Old for Lego

I am a self-confessed AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), there’s a real life acronym for it and everything! Admittedly the box does say 4-99 but I think you can still play after your 100th birthday – You are only as old as you feel right? I love Lego and cannot resist a visit to the Lego Store whenever I see one. For my 24th Birthday –  I flew to London and went to Legoland. I had the best time!  Here are reasons why Lego is the greatest.

Me in Legoland on my Birthday – With my Birthday Badge!

It Fosters Creativity

In an age where we are all robots, conforming to how we are expected to be and act the way we are supposed to act. Lego gives an escape to your childhood and those days when you had ideas of your own.

Science Says So

Scientists have said that Lego is good for you. It boosts your cognitive thinking and makes you smarter. Apparently!

It’s Stress Busting

Lego is escapism. It helps stress bust, it takes you away from the worries of everyday life. I know a few people who use lego as a stress buster.

Fun for all Ages

Lego brings together people from all generations together. Nothing breaks the ice like a box of Lego. Everyone will love Lego.

My Lego Minifigures from Paris
My Lego Minifigures from Paris

It’s a good investment

Lego can be expensive but you do get your money’s worth. It lasts for years and is basically a family heirloom.

The Sense of Accomplishment

Nothing beats that satisfied feeling you get when you finish a lego project! It’s the ultimate sense of accomplishment.

Amsterdam Lego

There are some reasons why Lego is a great hobby to have. There are so many Lego events on this summer with Brick Live in Glasgow in July and Brick City at New Lanark from June to August. The event at New Lanark looks awesome and I am definitely going to head along this summer. There will be a lot of different models to see and the chance to build your own! The events are not just for kids, although there are lots of kids events – remember Lego is for all ages. So embrace your inner builder and break out the Lego! See  for more details on the exhibition and I recommend you book tickets as there are some days already sold out!




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