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Jackie – Film Review – Starring Natalie Portman and John Hurt.

For any conspiracy theorist like me, the death of JFK is fascinating. My friend lives in Dallas and I keep talking about the grassy knoll to her and the book depository. This first sparked my love of all things JFK. I love American history, to be honest. When I heard they had made a film about Jackie Kennedy, of course, I had to go see it.


The only issue was, it isn’t a mainstream film and so I had to go to the Odeon in the city center of Edinburgh to see it. This cinema shows the more arty kind of films. The only showing was also at 5:10 so I basically hot footed it onto the bus from work and got there just in time.


The film stars Natalie Portman as Jackie. I hadn’t read much about the film or watched any trailers as I feel trailers these days tell you basically all of the films. The film is mostly centered around the weeks surrounding JFKs death. The lead-up to and the aftermath of. It starts with Jackie being interviewed by a Journalist about her husband’s legacy and her next steps and is full of flashbacks to different events.

Portman is amazing, as ever, at portraying Jackie as a chain-smoking perfectionist who needs to have everything just so. She is really conscious of her public image throughout the whole event, and it is alluded to that this is due to her journalistic background. Following the film is an emotional rollercoaster that Portman takes you on and you are kind of left thinking whether you should love or hate Jackie. It has made me want to go read more about her.



It is a fascinating story and I know there have been lots of films made about this subject but I don’t think any have really shown it from this angle. The whole film was beautiful, especially the cinematography. Also a great last appearance from John Hurt.

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