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A Guest Post: The Musings of a Bloggers Husband

In honor of our First Anniversary, I have invited my husband to write a blog post for me! Here are his thoughts about being a Blogger’s Husband!

Mr and Mrs Juniper Daze

The Musing’s of a Bloggers Husband

“What are we doing tonight?”  “Well, I’ve not done a post for a while”.   I’ve heard that response quite often.  There’s usually something blog-related happening every time I see Steph on her laptop or on her phone; not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s become a big part of both of our lives.  I thought much of the initial hype about starting a blog might fade after a few months – it seemed like a lot of work to keep up writing posts.  But Steph started infrequently and built up, writing when there was something she thought might be interesting.  It was sort of therapeutic, a conduit for all the nonsense I’m used to hearing on daily basis; something productive to do instead of just watching more House, CSI: New York , or whatever box set we were moving on to next.  

It’s evolved pretty quickly, even now writing this, she’s writing another blog post.  But it doesn’t interfere or stop us doing anything – we’re chilling watching a film.  I knew it when it’s getting more serious when she says she’s invested in some new technology.  She set up her social media pages which make sense, then after a while self-hosting became the biggest decision;  it was a big step but she seems to have taken it in her stride.

Through blogging, Steph’s managed to find a proper hobby – something to keep her mind active and de-stress from the tyranny of everyday life.  It’s definitely made her happier.  I just sit quietly in the corner and let her do her thing… usually.

Recently there’s been some odd packages being delivered and we’ve been going out to some random places – lovely places, but random.  It’s been great to try new things: going to different places to eat in town or trying out a product to review.  I can’t complain.  It’s the sort of places you always look at and are determined you’ll visit next time but either forget, aren’t about there or are just too lazy and go somewhere familiar.  So it’s been good for both of us really – new experiences all-around.  Blogging has quickly become a part of our lives that’s hard to ignore, and I’d say it’s for the better.  I wish I could emulate Steph’s enthusiasm and dedication to blogging with all the time and energy she puts into it.  


Mr. Juniper Daze has now begun a blog after all your kind posts 🙂

Check it out at www.pieceofcakescience.com 


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