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Thoughts I had Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls

I have just spent the last 6 months of my life watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and whilst I was watching I kept a few notes on what I was thinking. This page may contain spoilers, although I probably am one of the last people remaining to watch it! It also gives me an excuse to put all the GIFs in. Like this one of Jess! <3



How do they afford things?

They seem to always be eating out, buying things or going places. Yet Lorelai seems to always refuse her parents money. I can’t imagine she would make an awful to of money, yet they seem to be able to live in a relatively big house in quite a nice area.

How does Luke make money?

This leads me nicely on to the next point. Luke never seems to ever take any money from anyone. Especially Rory and Lorelei who have every second meal in the diner. How does Luke make money? Does he ever use his fancy golden till? No one ever seems to pay him!

Does Rory have friends?

This was mostly in Season One and Two. Rory seems to only have Lane as a friend. She never mentions anyone else and people at her school. I also do not count Paris as a friend here because I feel she is an emotional sponge from Rory and it seems like such a false friendship. I don’t get why Rory sticks about with her.

Why is Luke attractive until he takes his hat off?

Anyone else think Luke is really attractive until he takes his hat off? I think the hat makes him look younger perhaps and then when he has his hat off he just looks a lot older? Maybe that’s just me?

Why is Lorelai so self-destructive?

This frustrated me about the series, just when things were going well she would do something irrational without much explanation. Like leaving Luke before the wedding, sleeping with Christopher. Just when you were starting to like her.

Why is Rory such a dirty?

Rory seems to get around. And I suppose she’s a little like her mum does things that are so self-destructive. I mean I get we all make mistakes and make poor choices in love. But it started to get to the point that you were like calm down RORY!


Why is the theme tune so long?

Okay, I love the theme tune and its motivational message. But when you’re having a Netflix binge it is such a long theme tune!  Cut the singing, get to the Drama!


What is with Sookie’s pregnancies?

Firstly how does she not realise she’s pregnant. Secondly, she seems to be pregnant for about 5 minutes before she has a massive baby bump. Did anyone else notice this?


How weird is it seeing them all grown up?


Because I watched all the episodes back to back. I saw them all age 10 years in an instant. It was a bit much to take in! Some characters hadn’t aged at all, like Lane and Christopher. Lots of them looked much older like Zach and Luke and then some looked so much younger like Miss Patty! Also is it just me but did Kirk kind of Neville Longbottom himself into looking a lot hotter? Jess is still the dream!

Why am I so emotional and when is Gilmore Girls coming back?

I cried more at this show than events in my own family. Rory’s graduations, Luke and Lorelei’s wedding any time Richard was mentioned to name but a few! I did love the show and will so watch it all again at some point! I feel there are so many unanswered questions that they NEED to bring it back!


Have you watched Gilmore Girls? What did you think?

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts I had Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls

  1. I am about half way through the last season of the regular series and completely lost my momentum. Those two women are so self destructive and selfish. I loved the banter and affection in the early seasons but that seems to have disappeared. We’ll see if I get to A Year in the Life when I’m sure Logan will get tossed aside like dirty laundry yet again.

  2. I actually hated the theme song. I binged watched the show right before the netflix short series startwd and it would be in my head for days. Also, yes those girls were not real kind to the men in their lives.

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