My Pinterest Wins: The Garden Edition

My Pinterest Wins: The Garden Edition

One of my friends described me as the Queen of Pinterest. I took this as a massive compliment! I love scouring Pinterest for house ideas, recipes, dream homes, teaching ideas and more recently garden ideas. We have just moved into a new house and got a massive garden out the back to deal with. I was going to give it a year before I started on it but I got too excited and so started in the past few weeks.

My Pinterest Board

Okay now if you ever have seen something on Pinterest and then tried to recreate you will be in the same boat as me… It rarely works, it never pulls off and it looks rubbish. Alternatively, your cheap DIY makeover actually costs an arm and a leg because you do not own half of the stuff they ask for in your house. I attempted this project with an open mind. You can have a look at my Pinterest Garden Board to see my kind of inspiration.


The Pallet Veg Patch

Pallet Veg and Herbs Patch - Easy Garden Fixes

Every 3rd Pinterest project is about using pallets to create things for your home. They always look like such a massive project and far too much effort. However, I have been wanting a veg patch for years so I thought I am going to go for it. I found 2 pallets on Gumtree and so got them home. I then took off the slats I didn’t need and using a staple gun I stapled pouches of lining material to the upturned pallet, which I then screwed into the fence. I had leftover blackboard paint from out wedding so put that on and then wrote on the plant names with chalk. I had to buy the lining material and staple gun for about £10.

The pallet on the ground is quite similar, we dug out the grass and then stapled in the lining around the edges. This meant we had 8 sections for veg and 6 for herbs. The veg we planted were a combination of shop bought plants and some seeds. Some look a little bit like they need some extra love. So keep your (green) fingers crossed!

There was the fear that this would look too shabby in our garden but actually, I am pretty proud of it. It looks good and doesn’t take up too much space.

The Triangle Flower Bed

Garden Triangle Bed Garden Triangle Bed

I knew I wanted flower beds in my garden but I didn’t want massive flower beds that would take lots of effort to maintain. I saw an idea on Pinterest of cutting triangular flower beds in your garden. This breaks up the monotony of grass but also makes it a manageable size. So my mum and I spent a sunny Sunday digging up the turf, which was terribly laid. No wonder our grass is lumpy they have just laid it on top of rocks and other rubble. The turf only took about an hour to lift and dig out the bed. We then took a break went to Dobbies and got a whole load of compost and edging.

The bed took 250 litres of compost to fill, luckily there was 20% off at Dobbies! We then filled it with some bedding plants, hydrangeas, and climbers. I think we might put in another bed at the opposite side of the garden now.

The Glow in the Dark Flower Pot

Glow in the Dark Pot

The previous two Pinterest projects were really successful. So something has to give! I saw a pin that you can paint a plant pot with glow in the dark paint and it glows in the dark providing a solar light. It looks really cool. I sent my husband out to the shops to get me some Glow in the Dark paint. I had a cheap planter from Home Bargains costing a whole 79p and I painted it. Twice. I planted some lavender in it and waited. Waited for nightfall. When it was finally dark I was so excited to look outside and see… nothing. Absolutely nothing. The glow in the dark did not work! Ah well, you win some you lose some.


My Future as a Gardener.

My New Hanging Basket
My New Hanging Basket

I approached this project as a learning experiment. I wanted a garden, I wanted it low maintenance but also I knew nothing about gardens. I am not an outdoors person, I hate being muddy and manual labor. However, I loved doing my garden. I think this may be my new thing. I found it so rewarding. You can see the impact you’ve made. Time also flies by so quickly! This may be my new stress buster! I even went out when it was chilly recently and wrapped up my plants in bubble wrap so they don’t get cold!

So there we have it, Gardening is not as dull as it looks!

My Bubble Wrapped Plants
My Bubble Wrapped Plants


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  1. Looking good – well done. Top tip for doing a big area is ask friends if they have anything that they can give you oftennplants need split or a cutting can be taken. This keeps costs down.

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