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FriendsFest, Victoria Park, Glasgow


Words cannot explain my excitement at going to FriendsFest this weekend. Friends of mine traveled down to London last year to the event and since seeing their photos I was determined I needed to go! Much to my excitement, they announced a Glasgow one this year!

FriendsFest was in a sectioned off area of Victoria Park. Your ticket allowed you access all day but you were given a strict set tour time. We went a few hours before our set tour time to experience all the other bits and pieces the festival had to offer. There were lots of different photo-opportunities as well as themed food and drink outlets. So plenty to do!

Friends Fest, Glasgow 2018

One thing I love about Friends is that now it is up on Netflix it has a new resurgence with younger fans. The teenagers I teach at school often can be heard talking about Friends, in fact, I bumped into two of them at the festival! I love that even though it ended 14 years ago (YES 14 years ago! That’s MAD!) it still lives on!

The festival was really well run there were so many members of staff keeping the lines going and helping with taking photos, getting dressed in costumes and helping out. They were all so friendly as well and did not even seem phased by the constant loop of smelly cat and I’ll Be There For You.

Recreate the Titles - Friends Fest, Glasgow

There were so many photo ops including – Ross and Rachel’s Wedding Chapel, The Yellow Frame, Phoebe’s Taxi, PIVOT!! and Recreate the Titles. These were so much fun to do and so well thought out. You could opt to dress up at the Wedding and the Frame one in different iconic characters outfits.

20180714_141833.jpgComedy Central Friends Fest, Central PerkComedy Central Friends Fest, Central Perk

Friends Fest, Glasgow 2018
Friends Fest, Glasgow 2018

There also was the Central Perk which was the street outside the cafe as well as inside the cafe. You could wander right around the set and pose with the props. Again there was a staff member standing by the sofa ready to take your picture. Which was really great. There was also someone leading a smelly cat singalong at the guitar area, and then after let you record your own smelly cat video, she helpfully played the right guitar chords for you. Adjacent to this was an actual coffee cup that you could get coffee or coolers at, served of course in Central Perk branded cups.

If you wanted something a little stronger than coffee there was a cocktail bar with themed cocktails you can see the menu here.

Comedy Central Friends Fest, Friends Themed Cocktails

I personally love the sound of Seven! or Smelly Cat. There are food outlets available including a Mockolate stall, Joey’s Pizza, Phoebe’s Vegetarian Buffay. All of which looked yummy!

Once you have your drink you can sit on the deck chairs or wooden chairs and watch classic Friends moments on a giant screen. Not only that but every so often there will be competitions or quizzes or even the chance to learn the famous Ross and Monica Dance Routine. There is also a Gift Shop on site too although it was slightly disappointing, there didn’t seem to be much there. I did get a travel mug, however.

Comedy Central Friends Fest, Friends Themed Cocktails

The Set Tour itself lasts around 30 minutes. This is a guided tour and the only part that you are a little more restricted. In the holding area before the Tour, there were some original props from the show including The Gellar Cup and Phoebe’s actual guitar. Which were pretty cool!

Firstly you are taken into Joey and Chandler’s Apartment. You are given about 10 minutes to walk around the set take pictures, sit on the chairs, look in the freezer etc. As well as this there was the opportunity to get your picture in the hallway too.

Friends Fest, Comedy Central, Apartment Tour20180714_15124320180714_15161920180714_151807

At the end of the 10 minutes, everyone was asked to step off the set so you could get a picture of the empty set. One thing I did think was the room was so much smaller than what you think it is on TV. 

TOP TIP  I would say they do let quite a lot of people on the tours and so it is a little every man for themselves. Plan ahead if you want a specific shot. There were some kind strangers who would offer to take your picture for you, if not it was selfies and awkward angles.

Next was Monica’s apartment, this was my favorite apartment of the Set Tour. Of course, we had to get the iconic picture next to the door. Interestingly the frame on the back of the door was originally a mirror that was smashed. Another fact I found interesting was the famous poster above the TV was there to cover a hole that was used when the would film the ‘Friends’ on the sofa! The detail was amazing my favorite bit had to be the Trifle in the fridge.


Thirdly on the tour was Ross’ apartment. This was a new addition to the tour. It was cool but I think not as iconic as the other two apartments. The only thing that was really iconic in the apartment was the curtains for ‘Unagi’.

20180714_153315Friends Fest, Comedy Central, Apartment Tour20180714_152902

Friends Fest, Glasgow 2018

That was the end of our set tour and I was snap happy with my camera. There are other FriendsFests happening in Newcastle, Manchester , Brighton, Bristol, and London and there still appears to be tickets available. I think it is an annual event as well so if you can’t go this year then keep an eye out. I recommend it to any Friends fan!



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