Our First Wedding Anniversary

April 9th, 2016 was a day like no other. Firstly it was gloriously sunny, incredible for April. It was also the day I got married! I haven’t blogged much about our day. It was great though, without blowing my own trumpet too much. There were the odd things like the time I finished getting my hair and makeup done then opened a bottle of champagne for it to explode in my face! I found it hilarious! On a whole, it went without a hitch! Well, there was two people getting hitched!

After the wedding, we went on a Mini- Moon to the Hunting Tower in Perth and then The Golf View Hotel in Nairn for a few nights. We went on an excellent Honeymoon to Porto Santo in Portugal. It’s a tiny island near Madeira. It was perfect!  

A year on and a lot has happened. We’ve moved house. Got new jobs and Bought our first house! It took a while to get here but we are here! Who knows what the next few years will bring! This time next year we may have… fish!

To celebrate our first Anniversary we are off to Paris for the weekend and will be spending our actual anniversary in Disneyland! Like the children we are!

It’s been lovely the past few days re-reading all the cards, messages and memorabilia from our wedding. It was such a fantastic day! It has taken me days and 3 phone calls to Apple to put together a wee highlights video of the day!





3 thoughts on “Our First Wedding Anniversary

  1. One year already! And so much happened! I would love to get my own house and decorate everything. Disneyland for your anniversary must be amazing. Glad to read things are working out well. Thanks for sharing xx Corinne

  2. Lovely of you to share your milestone with us. Congratulations to you both on 1 year of married life!! I do love a cute romance blog. Thank you for sharing this with us Xx

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