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My Best Competition Hauls!

I love a good competition, I am always entering competitions, especially on the radio. Since I was wee I used to forever enter random things and win. I have won holidays, gig tickets, weekends away as well as a pen, a box of celebrations that never arrived and computer games for consoles I never owned. You’ll be jealous of the Brian McFadden DVD I won too!

Nowadays I pass the time on my commute home to enter the competitions on the local radio, although I keep having to change between my married and maiden name on the radio so I don’t get found out! I have won two in the last few weeks! I am shameless. Here’s some of my favourite prizes or stories as to how I got the prizes.


A years supply of Macaroni and a years pass to Deep Sea World.

When I was wee I entered a competition in Asda. I have had to ask my mum more about this as it was only when I was much older that I found out about my incredible prize. I won a shed load of pasta and a years pass to Deep Sea World, our local aquarium. Now being older looking back on this I regret not appreciating this at the time.

Madonna at Murrayfield 2012

Madonna Tickets

I feel like everyone in Scotland won this competition. Here’s the situation, Madonna was coming to Scotland to play a stadium. The tickets were about £70 each  minimum and no-one was buying them so rather than the same of playing to an empty stadium Ticketmaster gave away loads of tickets. Honestly everyone I met at the gig had won the tickets, expect the women behind us who paid £100 for their seats.  It was quite a good gig but also not really worth the £70.

Hospitality at the football

I can’t really remember how I won this, I was at school. It must have been a raffle prize to go to Hospitality at Dunfermline Athletic’s home ground. I remember sitting in Admin one afternoon minding my own business and someone came in and gave me an envelope, so me and my friend who was sat next to me at the time I got the envelope went to the football.

We got a 3 course meal and there were after dinner speeches by people I am assuming were big in the football circles. They made jokes about football.  We watched the game, got free pies at half time and to this day I have no idea who won the game! A good day out!

Holiday at a Caravan park

I went on holiday in the summer of 2004 with my cousins. The reason I remember the year was it was the year of Yeah! by Usher and 5 Colours in her Hair by McFly. That was 12 years ago! Madness! We were staying at a campsite, with the cheesy evening kids cub and entertainment. One night there was a dance competition. My cousins, brother and I spent all day choreographing a wonderful dance. It went from Michael Jackson moves into the Robot dance. My younger cousin who was probably about 7 at the time was not learning the moves in time so his job was to do air guitar at the front.

The time came for the dance competition and we did our routine and to our dismay our younger cousin was chosen to go through to the next round. He didn’t win. However the next week we knew what was going on, my cousins nominated me to go solo. So I did and I smashed it. The song was Me Against the Music- Britney and Madonna. I won a free holiday. Unfortunately no one took me on that holiday. I bet I would have been a professional on Strictly at this point.

Samoan Player
Me and a Samoan Player

Weekend to Rugby 7s

One day I was sitting at my desk at work and I got a phone call, “hello, Is that Steve?” From this moment on since telling people this they call me Steve. I told the woman I was Steph, its an easy mistake to make (Its not really, one is a male name the other a female name, but alas throughout my life I have been called Steve or Stephen) Anyway the lady told me I had won tickets to the Rugby 7s tournament in Glasgow, a night in a hotel and £100 spending money. Also on the Sunday I would have the opportunity to kick a rugby ball and win a trip to Dubai.

Pretty good sounding right! What if I told you the hotel was the Marriott, it was actually 2 nights in the hotel and the Hotel was the same hotel all the rugby players were staying in!

I had a fantastic time at the rugby, we were sandwiched between the Canadian and the Samoan team rooms (They had flags on the doors to help identify the rooms) Best of all I went to use the Swimming Pool and ended up in the pool at the same time as the Scotland Team and had two South African players in the Sauna with me! I failed at the rugby kick but that was expected!

There we go some of the best competition stories I have. There are more which may follow! Whats the best thing you have won? Love to hear your stories!

Steph x

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  1. As well as a shed load of pasta you won £100 to spend in the cafe.hence me went for your brother’s birthday with Callum and granny.

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