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Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast

This film feels like it has been years in the making! I was so excited to go see it! I have been singing Be Our Guest all day. Here are my thoughts on Beauty and the Beast I’ll try to keep it spoiler free but I feel we all know the story. Right?

Firstly there is the overall worry that they are going to ruin a classic. I was not disappointed. They kept in all the good bits of the animated classic and added in some new songs and one-liners.
I really liked the classic songs like Belle, Gaston and of course Be Our Guest. They were amazing to watch. In all honesty, Emma Thomson’s Beauty and the Beast didn’t quite live up to Angela Lansbury’s version. The dancing however did!
The costumes were beautiful, even the peasants looked fantastic! The costume designer better win an Oscar! The yellow dress lived up to the dream as did the Belle winter outfit. Emma Watson took a wee minute to get used to as Belle, I kept thinking wow Hermione’s a good singer!
The Beast’s eyes were extremely dreamy and hypnotic, I think I’d fall for him even. Part of me was slightly disappointed when he transformed into the prince. Maybe I just prefer my men hairy and horny! ???
A word of warning there are some bits that are a little bit scary if you are planning on taking kids, especially the bits with the wolves in the woods. For some, it might be better waiting til DVD.
I was kind of disappointed a little bit in all the hype surrounding LeFou as the first Gay character in a Disney film. I don’t think it was a great representation, he was still portrayed as a camp bumbling fool. I feel Disney missed a trick at the end when all the characters were coupling off and being reunited that he could have been reunited with a male character. He danced with a man for a slight second, blink and you miss it (I did and had to read about when it was!) It’s a step in the right direction none the less!


Beauty and the Beast


Overall it was a great feel good film, it lived up to expectations and bring classic Disney cheer to all! It’s not until the very end you realize who half the cast members are. Like I didn’t realize Lumiere was Euan McGregor. It’s all in the magic of Disney!

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?
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2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

  1. I’ve been waiting for this movie for ages! I can’t wait to finally watch it now when I get a spare few hours! Emma Waston plays Belle beautifully!

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