Happy 30th Rebus! – An Evening with Ian Rankin

You may have read previously about the time I met Ian Rankin at Haymarket. I made a really funny joke about it in my Review of Knots and Crosses. I recently read this book the first in the Inspector Rebus series,  which was released 30 years ago this week.

ian Rankin

An Audience with Ian Rankin

Inspector Rebus is an Edinburgh-based detective who doesn’t give a F**k about what people think of him. I think he’s been reading Sarah Knights book. He is likable and although I have only read a few of the Rebus books but I love them. They are set in Edinburgh so you can visualize where they are going and what they are talking about, it also adds a personal element to the book.

ian Rankin

On Sunday Night I attended an Evening with Ian Rankin, a Question and Answer session with Ian Rankin, In Kirkcaldy in Fife. Ian Rankin, like me, is a born and bred Fifer. Rebus also is from here. The event was run by Waterstones and appeared to be a sellout. They had books on sale, although it was a card machine that sort of took at a photocopy of your card – I am not sure if I was entirely convinced it was legit – but we will go with it! I bought a copy of the latest book Rather Be The Devil – which has black pages so looks pretty cool! This is the first proper book I have bought in a long long time!


The Q & A was led by Stuart Kelly, a Scottish Book Critic. I will be honest, I didn’t think much of his questions, but we went with it. There were some issues with a crackling microphone throughout but overall it was good. One thing that I love about Ian Rankin is his humor. I follow him on twitter and he has the same dry sense of humor as me that I love. Also although he mentioned that he has met the Rolling Stones and Van Morrison he seems to be a totally down to earth guy. A local lad did good.


Interestingly he discussed how Rebus wasn’t supposed to survive past the first book. In the first draft, he died at the end of the book. I am glad he decided to change this and turn his story into a series. Rankin also reiterated that he doesn’t really like the TV Shows on Rebus as it can ruin the magic of the imagination and books. I agree.

Good News is Rankin is not finished with Rebus yet. He wants to continue his story but is looking at also bringing in books as told from other characters perspectives such as Siobhan or Cafferty. This would be great! Although we will have to wait as this is Rankin’s “year off”. In which he is celebrating Rebus’ birthday and organizing Rebus Fest  -a festival in the Summer celebrating all things Rebus. I am definitely going to attend some of these events!

ian Rankin

I was lucky enough to meet the author afterward and he signed my book. I was a bit star struck and didn’t know what to say. I also got a really awful photograph!


Definitely, check out Rebus Fest! Here’s a photo Ian Rankin (@beathhigh) posted. Can you spot me?


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