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I have lost my reading mojo at the moment. I just cannot get into books or I am too tired to read. I think it is because I am not giving myself time to read. Does anyone else feel like that?


A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

I, therefore, have forced myself into having some me time and had a Date with a Book, thanks to Crafting Kate. Kate creates a “Date with a Book’ set. Which is perfect. In the box – I received a hand wrapped book, label with a quote, bookmark, card, a handmade crochet coaster and arguably the best part – a Teabag! This was perfect and looked so cute I didn’t want to open it –  but then the other part of me was desperate to find out who my hot date was going to be!

A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

I popped the kettle on and settled in with a chilled out playlist and unwrapped my book to find a Collection of Robert Browning Poems. Initially, I wasn’t so sure, I wouldn’t choose to pick up a poetry book. I haven’t read a poem since school, you know when you have to over analyse a poem so much down to the minute details of what the writer had on their sandwich the day before they wrote this poem. I think that took the joy of out poetry for me.  But then it dawned on me that is the beauty of these mystery packages. You find something you wouldn’t normally go for. I did try to read some but I don’t think poetry is for me, that was until my husband came home and saw I had a Robert Browning book. He studied Porphyria’s Lover at school. We read it and talked about how strange a poem it is, I even read the Spark Notes on it. Therefore the book was good at sparking an educated conversation with my husband.

A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

The other great thing about the Date with a Book is that the book has a great vintage look to it. Which I am totally into. I love anything a bit quirky looking and so will display the book proudly on my bookshelf. The crochet coaster has been admired by many coming to my house too. It is the lasting memory of a great date! I may have to go for a second date soon!

A Date With a Book - Crafting Kates

More Information

You can find Kate’s Etsy Store at CraftingKates. Kate is a fellow Etsy store owner and so we exchanged products in order to give each other a little boost and a different audience. Thanks, Kate.

You can check her out on Twitter and Instagram.


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