April’s Book of the Month – The Circle by Dave Eggers – Book Review

The Circle by Dave Eggers

April’s Book of the Month is The Circle by Dave Eggers. This book is being made into a film and so I thought I’d better read it before the film comes out. This means we can discuss it as a Movie too! 

The book centers around Mae Holland, a new employee at an internet/ social media company – The Circle. The book is set in a time beyond Facebook and Google. Although you can tell Eggers has taken inspiration from how these companies work and are moving forward. 

Mae initially struggles with the pressures of the job and keeping up her social media persona and the book follows her on a journey through this. The Circle seems like the perfect place to work, however, we soon start to discover that all is not as it seems!  Along the way Mae meets fans, skeptics and some mysterious characters and you, as the reader are taken on a fact-finding mission. The book is quite realistic and relatable in some parts with our growing obsession and reliance with Social Media outlets and it is an interesting look at what is to come in the future!

I really enjoyed this book as it was a really easy read and accessible for anyone who has ever used social media. The most frustrating part of it for me was the fact there were only 2 chapters in the whole book! I like a book split up more!

I don’t want to give too much away as we will be discussing this book on my Facebook page on Tuesday 25th April at 7 pm! Come along and join us!

If you have read the book see the trailer for the Movie here- we will be discussing it at Book Club!

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