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Mixing Up Weekly Meals with Simply Cook

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Hands up who can relate? We are quite an organised house and we try to plan our meals for the week in advance and write them on a big blackboard we have in the kitchen. However, we are a bit stuck in a rut. Apparently, on average households eat the same 7-8 meals on rotation. That is why I decided to try a Simply Cook box. (Note, this is not a sponsored post so you can trust this review is totally impartial!)

What is Simply Cook?

Simply Cook is a little like Gusto or Hello Fresh type subscriptions, however, the difference being you don’t get all the ingredients, instead, you get the recipes and flavor pots. This makes it a little bit cheaper than other subscription boxes and you can then pick up the ingredients for the rest of your weekly shop. Each box has 4 recipes and flavor packets. You can try your first box for £1 using my code from the bottom of this post, then after it is £9.99.

Simply Cook - Hot Cajun Meatballs.

The literature says that it works out between £3-6 per meal depending on ingredients.  All the ingredients are quite straightforward and we managed to get them all out of Aldi. I recently read a blog post by Hannah Binns about the importance of supporting British Farmers and produce and so have been making more of a conscious effort to look at where my food comes from. Aldi seems to be really good at supporting British/ Scottish produce and priced reasonably.

Simply Cook - Hot Cajun Meatballs.

Hot Cajun Meatballs

Simply Cook - Hot Cajun Meatballs.

The first recipe we tried was the Hot Cajun Meatballs, all the recipe cards are really simple to make and should take around 20 minutes to make. The steps are straightforward and easy to follow. So even the most novice of cooks could follow along. The Meatballs, for example, boiled rice, fry off meatballs, add onions, peppers, and chopped tomatoes, simmer then serve. The meal was delicious and had a nice kick to it.

Simply Cook - Hot Cajun Meatballs.

I think overall it is a nice idea and great to try. The flavors and the recipes are good but I am not sure I could commit to paying £10 for the boxes very often but I think worth it if you are stuck in a rut. Totally worth the £1 free trial though for 4 recipes and the flavor pots- if you enter the code SW4666 at the checkout.  I get a free box for recommending you.

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