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My 2018 Pledge: Make More

Me Again! Words cannot express how buzzing I am to be posting consistently for 5 days. I am getting into the swing of things and have so many exciting ideas. So we are in a little series at the moment, my 2018 Pledges to be a better version of my self. Today’s theme is Make More.

The Story

Juniper Daze Designs

This is two-fold, firstly you may or may not be aware I have a wee Etsy shop. (Juniper Daze Designs) I started this shop back in May. Here’s the backstory, I was off from work with anxiety and the doctors kept telling me I was depressed and that I needed to take tablets. I was reluctant to do so because I knew what my triggers were (my work) and I knew that no matter how many pills I took it wouldn’t change my work. Now I know medication works for many but for me, it didn’t seem like a logical step. Until I knew what the next step was though I needed to do something, to give me a project to focus on. I started writing a book. Although I couldn’t focus on that and I think my plot was basically a copy of a book I’ve previously read. That’s when I decided to use all the maps I had left over from my wedding and put them to good use.

mini Frame Map

The Shop

The Shop in its 8 months is doing really well. I have had 90 sales from 9 countries! I’m international too, who would have thought! I have some products that I didn’t think would work but have taken off and conversely some of my favorite products that didn’t. Either way, I’m having fun coming up with and creating new products. My most popular product is The Middle Earth map coasters. I have sold 22 sets in 8 months.



Looking forward I want to look at doing some craft fairs and getting myself more out there. I mean the ultimate dream is going from a full time stressful job to part Time so I have more time for crafting and making my products the best they can be.

So I want to make more in 2018.

Check out my shop there is a 40% SALE on until 7th January! 


2 thoughts on “My 2018 Pledge: Make More

  1. its so true that there’s a silver lining to be found in everything, right?! what a beautiful little etsy shop you have, congratulations! there cant be a feeling much nicer than people loving something you’ve created ♥♥

    wishing you all the best for 2018 lovely!

    katie. xx

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