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Introducing Juniper Daze Designs


This is an exciting post. I am trying out a new thing, something to focus my energy on. I have opened an Etsy shop! I am quite a crafty person and am always trying different bits and pieces out, I did a lot of DIY crafty pieces for my wedding. I, therefore, have decided to share this with the rest of the world!

The first ‘collection’ is mostly map themed- however, I have loads of plans and ideas to branch out and create other different collections so watch this space!

Etsy Shop Now Open!

Here’s a peek at the products on offer and as a special introductory offer, use the discount code MATERATE at the checkout for a 15% discount!

Map Coasters 1 - Juniper Daze Designs Spotted Back Ground Mini Frame

Would love your thoughts, feedback, and ideas!




3 thoughts on “Introducing Juniper Daze Designs

  1. These look gorgeous, and would make such lovely gifts for birthdays/valentines/Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/etc. Best of luck with your new business venture!
    Gemma xx

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