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A Busy Wife’s Guide to an Indian Feast

I love cooking. I love experimenting with different flavors and going with it. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. My uni flatmates will tell you all about ‘weird pie’ which was towards the end of the month I used to just make dinner that involved all the ingredients in my cupboard and hoped for the best. Once I made pasta with vodka, I genuinely read a recipe for it somewhere. It wasn’t the greatest! Anyway now I have moved into my own house and finally have a kitchen that I can properly cook in, I invited the parents round for our first Sunday meal together.

I did have a lot to get on with that day as I had to tidy the house, clean the spare room etc. But I also wanted to make a big WOW statement. This is where I used my Slow Cooker and Le Creuset Pans – to slow cook some curry. This along with the Vini and Bal’s Sauces made a proper feast but really simply. I normally am against pre-made curry sauces as they never taste quite right. However, the Vini and Bal’s sauces are fresh ingredients and very authentic.

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Here’s a little overview of my easy Indian Feast Hacks!



Poppadoms and Chutneys

The Poppadoms were shop bought! The Mango Chutney was shop bought too but the spiced onions and Raita were homemade. For the spiced onions, I basically threw an Onion, Red Chilli, Mint Sauce, Tomato Ketchup and Paprika in the food processor. They were delicious and tasted just like the onions in an Indian Restaurant. The Raita was some Creme Fraiche mixed with mint sauce. Simple yet effective!


Meat Samosas

These were shop bought from Iceland. However, I have made samosas before they are really simple to make. If you get pre-made filo pastry, make a filing and fold into triangles.


Vegetable Shahi Curry

I chopped up some peppers, onions, potatoes, carrots and popped them in the slow cooker along with half a tin of chickpeas and the packet of Shahi sauce. Total prep time was about 5 minutes. I left it on low for a few hours, occasionally stirring it. Just before serving I stirred in some Creme Fraiche, to give it a little more creaminess.


Chicken Jeera Curry

I cooked off some onions then added chopped chicken to my Le Crueset pan, along with the Jeera Sauce mix. It took about 20 minutes to cook. Easy as that!

Rice and Naan

Naan Bread

Everything was going smoothly. Until we went to get the rice from the steamer. It was still raw. I am not sure what happened as it had been steaming away for about an hour. Anyway, we eventually had to cheat and cook some microwave rice. Naan was shop bought too!


So it was extremely simple to make didn’t take long and was stress-free. The results were amazing though. The curries were delicious and totally different to anything I had tasted before. There is a whole range of flavors available from mild to really spicy so I am excited to try them all! The parents seemed to enjoy the meal too. They even went back for seconds! There we have it a really simple and delicious Indian feast!

*I was sent the Vini and Bal’s sauces to try out and review. The views in this post are entirely my own honest opinions. For more details see their site here. 


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