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Essential Items Every Gin Bar Needs

You may have noticed I do enjoy the odd gin every so often. I have a gin bar in my house, with about 40 gins (give or take!)  I love experimenting and trying out different gins and combinations. I thought I would share with you my essential items that all Gin Bars should have and where to get them.

  1. Gin

This is probably a given right? You don’t have to spend a fortune on Gin. Keep an eye out in Supermarkets for special offers. Recently Aldi had a Gin Festival and I am sure there will be more deals coming with the massive rise in the number of new gins coming out.

What every Gin Bar Needs - Garnishes -

You can also sign up for monthly Gin clubs like MicroBarBox – who send you new gins each month to try. We store our Gin on one of these Ikea Trolleys after they began to take up too much space on our dresser.

Ikea Raskog Trolley - Gin/ Drinks Trolley

2. Glasses

What every Gin Bar Needs - Garnishes -

Again quite a given. I recommend a large Copa goblet glass, with plenty of room for ice and garnish. See these ones on Amazon for £14. Of course any glass is fine, you may want to add different types of glasses as your collection grows such as Martini Glasses.

3. Selection of Tonic

What every Gin Bar Needs - Garnishes -

Most people who say they don’t like Gin, actually just don’t  like Tonic. Also, people do tend to drown out their gin with tonic so all they get is the quinine taste. There are so many different tonics on offer to compliments the different flavours of gins. I love the Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, which goes great with citrus gins. This great pairing wheel on Fever Tree’s website is a great place to start.

I also recommend some Ginger Beer (for spicier Gins) and Rose Lemonade (for more floral gins). Mix it Up a Little!

4. Garnishes

Garnishes can really change the Flavour of Gin. It’s good to have a few different garnishes for your Gin Bar. To mix it up. Lemon and Lime, Orange are classics. Although if you don’t know what garnish to put in I always recommend Pink Grapefruit, it balances flavors nicely. A little top tip is to buy a big batch of fruit, chop it up and freeze it in batches. That way you can add a frozen garnish to your drink. Ice should be available and don’t listen to those who say it waters down your drink, it opens up the flavors slowly and makes a massive difference.

What every Gin Bar Needs - Garnishes -

Alternative garnishes include Red Chillies, Cinnamon Sticks, Juniper Berries, Pink Peppercorns. Most of these are available in spices sections of supermarkets or Flying Tiger. Alternatively, I love the Pop-A-Balls for Gin, a little burst of flavour and make your drink look really pretty!

We recently added a Gin Menu to our wall. This has the Gins we have and the recommended serve. We still like to mix it up or change garnishes too but it’s a good guide. If you don’t fancy a blackboard on your wall even keep a wee notebook or the notes on your phone for Gins and Garnishes.

Gin Menu Blackboard

5. Tools

What every Gin Bar Needs - Garnishes -

Finally, I don’t think you really need a load of tools. I would say a drinks measure is pretty key. You want to pace yourself with the gin! A stirrer is good for making sure your tonic, gin, and garnish is mixed together. Apart from that you can add things like cocktail recipe books, serving trays and the such as you expand. You may even want Gin and Tonic Popcorn!

Hope you enjoy setting up your gin bar, shelf or cupboard, do send me a picture!

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Essential Items for a Gin Bar - Gin and Tonic. Tools, Tonic Pairing Guide and Gin Glasses.
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