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Chocolate Shortbread Twists

Chocolate Shortbread Twists

These are a perfect and easy make to make over the festive period. For any unexpected guests or yourself.

I’ll be the first to admit they weren’t as successful as I hoped. The recipe is found in last years Great British Bake Off Recipe Book. Although I deviated from Mary Berry’s recipe and I lived to regret it.

The recipe called for 50g of Dark Chocolate and 50g of White Chocolate. I probably stopped at about 30g of each as there a) looked to be more chocolate than pastry and b) I was getting bored grating chocolate and instead ate it. This however was apparent in the final product. They weren’t as chocolatey as they probably should have been.

I also never measured the dough, it was supposed to be 40cm by 1cm- so my biscuits were not ‘uniform’. Ah well. Who wants a uniform biscuit anyway.

I also made Plum Biscuit bars. They taste delicious but are not picture or recipe worthy as they are stuck to the pan so I am currently scraping it off and eating it. Just trust me

So in conclusion, trust Mary Berry and always use greaseproof paper!

Do you have any good biscuit recipes?

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