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A Simple Guide to using your Breadmaker – Easy Breadmaker Recipes

A Simple Guide to using your Breadmaker – Easy Breadmaker Recipes

Since I got engaged I wanted a breadmaker. Most girls dream of a massive white wedding, some dream of a luxurious honeymoon, I was most keen on the John Lewis Gift List. This may make me sound shallow and presumptuous, but deep down most people look forward to the wedding presents. If you don’t then you are kidding yourself! I actually got one before my wedding, I was too excited and there was one on sale and I took it as a sign.

I love my breadmaker, however, it has so many functions and settings that I haven’t even tried half of them. My main use for it is, I get a packet from the supermarket shove it in the breadmaker and add water. I know it’s cheating. What I didn’t realise until now is actually it doesn’t take that much more effort to make more exciting products in the breadmaker.

The Ideas Kitchen is a brilliant website that features really simple recipes that are easy to follow for different kitchen appliances. Perfect for someone like me who is taken in by the fancy kitchen gadgets but doesn’t actually use them to their full potential. The website is split up into different categories for different appliances. I, therefore, decided to try two of the Bread Maker Recipes. Strawberry Jam and Soft Rolls.

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam - Breadmaker Recipe - Juniper Daze Strawberry Jam - Breadmaker Recipe - Juniper Daze

I know, Jam in a breadmaker. I am astounded too! Although my breadmaker does have a Jam setting and I’ve always wondered if it was possible. It is also on my bucket list to try and make Jam. The Strawberry Jam recipe only had 3 ingredients – Strawberries, Pectin and Sugar. The first step was to finely chop the strawberries, I don’t think I chopped mine finely enough, next time I may even put them through my food processor (Another kitchen gadget I have that rarely use). When I was weighing out the sugar I was quite astounded at the amount of sugar that you put in. I knew Jam was sugary but I don’t think you really think about it. Yummy though!

Strawberry Jam - Breadmaker Recipe - Juniper Daze Strawberry Jam - Breadmaker Recipe - Juniper Daze

The recipe called for dried pectin, which I could not find in the supermarket so opted for liquid pectin instead. I didn’t put enough in as the Jam was a little bit runny, but perfect for spreading on bread. Basically, all you do is throw all the ingredients in the breadmaker, hit the Jam making setting and wait a few hours and then you have Jam! If I’d known it was that simple before I’d be always making Jam.

Soft Rolls

Soft White Rolls - Breadmaker Recipe - Juniper Daze Soft White Rolls - Breadmaker Recipe - Juniper Daze

I thought I would try another different thing so went for the Soft Rolls recipe. Again this was as simple as weighing out the ingredients (flour, egg, sugar, butter, salt, water, milk, and yeast) and then putting them all in the breadmaker to do all the hard work. After an hour or so the dough was ready to be divided into 6 and then popped in the oven for 15 minutes. Food always tastes better when you make it yourself I think. It’s the sense of accomplishment and what’s better than freshly baked bread? I’ll tell you; freshly baked bread with homemade jam on it! Delicious!

Soft White Rolls - Breadmaker Recipe - Juniper Daze

There are so many ideas on the Ideas Kitchen for recipes for my breadmaker, including Coconut Bread and other Gluten Free options. The best things about the Ideas kitchen is that it easily adjusts the recipes depending on how many you want to serve and it is easy to read especially on an iPad in the kitchen so you can follow the recipe along. I hope that in the future they will continue to add more recipes. If you haven’t got a breadmaker yet, I highly recommend it, it is not a faff to use and has so many purposes.

*Disclaimer: I was paid by the Ideas Kitchen for this post, however, all views are honest and my own.





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