Why Should I Start a Bullet Journal?

Why Should I Start a Bullet Journal? 

“If it ain’t broken don’t fix it”

This was something someone recently said to me about why they think a Bullet Journal is not for them. Admittedly if someone told me oh I get a blank notebook and I write my diary in it. I would laugh my head off at them, what a mad idea. Your notebook is costing £15, you can get a diary already printed for £1. You mad person. That is until you realise a Bullet Journal is more than this.

I remember sitting on the 30th May (Handy, the day before a new month!) on Pinterest on a day off work and I came across a Pin, 10 things to do with a blank notebook. One of them was a Bullet Journal. Then I started reading through pins and understanding what it was.

Why should I start a bullet journal?

I am the queen of organisation, I love a diary. Because I am a teacher by day and that job requires a level of organisation I think this is where it comes from. There was a pink Moleskine notebook that I bought in a 70% off sale in a shop once sat in my drawer. I knew it was a special notebook and left it for a special occasion. This was it.

What even is a Bullet Journal? 

Now everyone has their own interpretation of what a Bullet Journal is. The original concept by Ryder Carroll was having a page with the months and days in that month- on this he would track appointments or events in brief. He would then have another page of tasks he wants to complete that month at some point. Then each day he would write todays date, add in any appointments, to-do lists, notes from meetings, things to remember just general information. It was a very simple system.

How has it changed?

Now the system has grown arms and legs and lots of interpretations. People can spend hours creating spreads or wonderful calligraphy. Originally I thought, what! People are wanting to be more organised and are spending hours making their to-do lists look pretty. Why not just do the stuff on your to do list? However there are many people who keep a very minimalistic Bullet Journal, others add in their own stamp and creativity. It is extremely therapeutic and rewarding for me. The joy of Bullet Journals is that you can do what ever you want with it.IMG_0767

What about Collections?

So in the Bullet Journal there is also the opportunity to have ‘collections’, these are lists of different things, it could be anything from movies you want to watch to weight trackers.  Pinterest is full of ideas of collections, ideas that people might want to keep lists of. Again, I thought why would I want to write a list of TV Shows I want to watch, honestly though its become brilliant when your having a conversation with someone about a book, movie, TV show to quickly jot it down. I will share some collections in part 2.

How will it improve my life?

I find the Bullet Journal helps clarify my thoughts. It helps me think about my life as a whole. My to-do list has mundane things like do the washing, send an email but it also has things that I want to do to improve me as a whole. This is linking in with the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, his philosophy is all about how you have to make the changes in your life, small steps at a time. You can be anything you want to be. I suffer from Anxiety and this can also make my overall vision quite blurry and I have been known to become very negative. The bullet journal helps me focus.

This may sound like quite an abstract idea for some people. My husband for example has a Bullet Journal of his own. In it he tracks his work to-do list, monthly incomings and outgoings (He’s the sensible one!) and he uses it to track his diabetes, things like long term bloods. He is not really one for talking about thoughts and feelings or lifetime goals.


So all in all the Bullet Journal is a fancy notebook, to record all your thoughts in. I feel in a growing information heavy world. We are constantly being told things and often have no time to process it. Think of how many pins you’ve pinned for later but not actually got round to reading because you’ve forgotten where you’ve saved them. This is what my Bullet Journal is for me, my physical Pinterest, things to read/ do / think about later.

I hope you are intrigued enough to try out a Bullet Journal for yourself. Part 2 will be a guide to starting your own Bullet Journal. Now this is my interpretation. Everyone has their own ideas of what a BUJO is and how to create one. ‘Shop around’ different ideas and blogs on how to start them. I will share some of my favourite Bullet Journal Inspirations in Part 3.

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Why should I start a Bullet Journal?

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