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My TV and Film Recommendations: January

Rather than doing individual posts and reviews on Movies and TV Series I am going to do a Monthly Round-Up. I feel I spend my life looking for new series and films to watch, and especially over the festive period, I feel I have been totally binging.

TV Shows

How to Get Away With Murder  – I watched this when it first came out then I kind of forgot about it. I started watching it again and I am hooked again. If you are into Law Programmes like Suits, Scandal or The Good Wife (Which I recommend you watch), you will love this one!

Grey’s Anatomy – This has just been put on Amazon Prime! I love Grey’s Anatomy, in fact, look out for a post all about my love for Grey’s Anatomy in a few days! It’s the perfect show to dive in and out of and rewatch over again.

The Crown – Even if you cannot stand the Royal Family, this is still a good TV Show. It’s good all the elements of a good story, romance, betrayal, scandal. It also makes you think is this really a true story? The first season was a little slow in places and took a bit of determination; however, it was all building up to an amazing Season 2.

The Sinner – This is one of them shows that you just binge. We watched it in 2 days. It features Jessica Biel as a woman who spontaneously murders someone but doesn’t know why. It shows a detective trying to work out her motive and her history. Caution: It’s so addictive!


Man on the Moon/ Jim and Andy – I suggest watching Man on the Moon and then watching Jim and Andy on Netflix. Man on the Moon is a biopic of Andy Kaufmann, an American comedian/ actor. I had never heard of him before watching this, but basically this film explains all about his life and his eccentricities. Then the Netflix documentary is about the making of the film and how Jim Carrey took on the persona of Andy Kauffman to the point he believed he was him. It’s really interesting and I loved learning all about Andy Kauffman’s life and legacy.

Icarus – This is another documentary that is really addictive. This started off with an amateur cyclist who was fascinated by the doping scandal and ended up with unearthing the doping programme in Russia. I didn’t think I would really enjoy it but I was gripped.

Patriots Day – I saw this film at the cinema and saw it’s just been added to Netflix. It is about the Boston Marathon Bombing and the aftermath of it. I love how it shows the story from so many perspectives. Although I will warn you it is a tear jerker.

Diana in her Own Words – Okay you can get a theme here I am mega into documentaries. This one was harrowing. It was fascinating yet uncomfortable to watch and kind of made me think how ridiculous the media and the public constant fascination with ‘how the other half lives’.

Just my Luck – I stumbled across this classic one afternoon. What more do you need – Lindsay Lohan in the golden days, McFly in their young, massive eyebrows days and Chris Pine in his awkward geeky stage. Gone are the good ole’ days!


Jumanji – I loved the original Jumanji when I was younger. It was brilliant escapism so I was dubious about this film. I was pleasantly surprised. It was really funny and perfect for kids and adults. I think it was more mainstream than the original but overall worth a watch!
Wonder – I was not emotionally prepared for this movie. I cried throughout it and I am not normally a crier. It was such a good film and even though I was crying all the way through, by the end it was happy tears.
Pitch Perfect 3 – I enjoyed it and it did have all the normal elements of Pitch Perfect. The awkward outsiders, the singing battles, the awkward moments that the Bellas get into. I just don’t know though. It was good but not as good as number 1 or 2 I think. Still worth a watch.
There we have my January recommendations. Send me your receommendations in the comments for series or films I should watch this month!

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