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Voujon Edinburgh, A Delicious Dining Experience

Nestled on the south side of Edinburgh on a relatively busy road is Voujon, a Bangladesh and Northern Indian Restaurant. I love Indian food, I genuinely could eat it all day every day. I had heard good things about Voujon so we decided to go check it out.

Voujon Indian Restaurant Edinburgh

There was a very extensive menu, with lots of classic dishes as well as specialties. I opted for a Panee Puri for starters. This was a vegetarian dish, pastry puffs filled with chickpeas, potatoes, red onions, and coriander. The dish was served cold with a spicy sauce. The waiter explained that they were best eaten with your fingers. You put the whole thing in your mouth and bite. They were completely different and I wasn’t too sure at first but actually, they were really tasty! My husband opted for Chicken Pakora, which he said were also delicious. Even the pre-starter poppadoms with pickles were delicious. The spiced onions had chopped up cucumber in it which was a nice difference.

Panee Puri

Chicken Pakora

The whole restaurant had an air of sophistication about it. It wasn’t a typical Indian. It was more of a fine dining experience. For mains, I ordered the Chicken Shahi Chasni – which is like a sweet and sour curry. Chasni is my favorite curry and although there were lots of dishes on the menu I fancied trying I couldn’t resist a Chasni. It was gorgeous, really flavourful and the chicken was so tender. My husband had the Katmandu Chicken Delicacy, I couldn’t resist a wee taste, it was also so delicious. The Keema Naan was also so tasty. I was so stuffed I even had to take away a doggy bag!

Curries at Voujon, Edinburgh

Naan Bread

The nice thing about the menu is that there were so many different options, you could just order a meal for 2 and the chef would cook you a whole meal based on your tastes and likes. This takes the stress out of ordering and also pushes you out your comfort zone a little. I think I will do that next time I go!

Voujon is on Newington Road, which is a main bus route out of Edinburgh so it’s really easy to get to. It’s a perfect location for a date, a family meal or even a bigger celebration as they have a ‘party area’ towards the back of the restaurant. The waiters were very attentive and explained different parts of the menu to us and gave some recommendations. It is definitely worth a visit!


Voujon, Newington Road, Edinburgh


I would like to thank Voujon for inviting me along for a meal in order to write this post. This review is still an honest account of my visit.

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