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Visiting Deep Sea World, North Queensferry

I grew up a few miles away from Deep Sea World and remember going as a child and loving it. I actually won an annual family pass when I was younger in a competition along with pasta hamper. Winner Winner! Anyway, I have never gone back as an adult because I kind of had an idea that it would be as fun when you are grown up. I did, however, jump at the opportunity to attend their influencers evening last week.

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Deep Sea World, is situated in the shadows of the Forth Rail Bridge in North Queensferry. It can be easily accessed by train from Edinburgh (although it is quite a steep hill to walk) as well as there is plenty of parking available at the attraction. On the evening we were welcomed and given a tour around the aquarium with members of staff able to answer any questions.

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The seahorses were being fed when we were there and it was really cool to see. Seahorses are super cute and fascinating to watch. We were able to ask all about the males carrying the babies as opposed to the females and it was really interesting to have my questions answered.

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There are lots of fascinating exhibitions including a super cool octopus and a crocodile snapping turtle. He was really cool and they are in the process of making a new exhibit for him. It is a really sad story about him, he was found in a suitcase at an airport as part of an exotic animals trade. Luckily Deep Sea World rescued him. There is a big commitment to animal welfare here and they looked well looked after. I loved seeing the Pirahana here too. TV and Movies give them quite a bad name, they aren’t as vicious as the media makes out. I knew there was a snake and the staff members were so good at telling me where it was and how to avoid it because I have such a phobia. It is easy to avoid too, there is a snake talk where they bring it out but the place is so big you would be able to avoid it.


The most iconic part of Deep Sea World is the famous tunnel. It is the longest underwater tunnel in Europe and takes you on a wee tour right around the aquarium with the fish swimming around you. This was always my favorite part as a child and it was definitely my favorite part this time around. I could go round and round it all day! Fun Fact I learned – Sharks and Rays are part of the same family and rays are pretty much flattened out sharks. There are 7 sand tiger sharks in the Aquarium including Arran who is a tiny shark and Tinkerbell who is the longest shark. As well as this there are loads of other rays and fish to look out for in the tunnel.

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The really cool thing that Deep Sea World does is gives you the opportunity to swim with the sharks in the tank. This would be such a cool experience and on the night they talked us through the day, you get specialized training in a training pool and the proper briefing before you get to go into the tank with qualified divers. The sharks are so docile and so used to divers being in the tank that they are not a threat to you. I think it would be a great opportunity to see them up close! They also do a junior shark dive where you can go in the tank with the sharks but you stay on a platform. Again this sounds awesome, If this is something you fancy I would recommend you look at sites like Groupon or Itison for Shark Dive Deals – like this one here!

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There is more to Deep Sea World than just the fish, there is an amazing Amphibian Exhibit. There are some super cool frogs and lizards in here and it is like a fun game of hiding and seek to try to find them. As well as this there is also the Seals outside. Who doesn’t love a good seal! They are so cute. We got to see them being fed and performing some tasks, this isn’t for human entertainment but instead is to help keep their minds active and working, since they don’t have to hunt for food.


Speaking of food, we got to sample some of the wonders that the cafe offers. It felt wrong to eat Fish and Chips at an Aquarium, but the Fish and Chips were amazing! Some of the best I have ever eaten! I highly recommend them if you take a visit!

There is a temporary exhibition this summer called Bare Bones. It gives the opportunity to see the skeletons of various different animals. These are the actual skeletons and not just casts. They were really cool to see, especially the snake skeleton. This is included in the admission price.

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One thing you can pay extra for, and I think is totally worth it, is the behind the scenes tour. For £3 extra, you get to go to the quarantine area of the aquarium. This is where all the animals are that are new or are requiring supervision before going into their new homes. It is also where the babies are! We got to see rays that were just a few years old!

You also got to see the main tank from above. The glass of the tunnel is so thick, it actually makes the animals appear 30% smaller than they are, so you see how big the sharks really are. It is really cool seeing the aquarium from above and puts it in a whole different perspective.


There is something at Deep Sea World for everyone, it is not just for kids. It would be great to visit as a couple, I think, especially on a date. It takes away the awkward chat if you can talk about the sharks right? I would advise you looking and booking online as the tickets are 20% cheaper through their website. If you live nearby and plan on visiting at least 3 times in a year, an annual pass is a way to go! You can find out more about the shark dives online too! 



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