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A Week in the Life of a Holiday

What a week it has been! I have been off on holiday all week and so had lots of grand plans for the holidays. Except the weather has had other plans! What a rubbish week for weather, we’ve had rain, snow, hail, sleet and then yesterday it was a glorious sunny day. Now we are back to an overcast day. I thought I would do a wee round-up of what I have been up to this week. I have also realised I’ve not written a post like this in a while and it’s actually quite cathartic.

Monday was an exciting day in our household. We got a shed installed! We have been wanting one for a while just to put all the stuff we keep in the spare room that kind of gets in the road but you want to keep. I mean I have read up on Kon Mari and getting rid of everything but still, we have ‘stuff’. So we decided to buy a shed so we didn’t face a spare room worth of boxes! We paid a little bit extra for a proper company to custom build it to our specification and install it which I think is totally worth the money! I have had fun this week organizing it utilizing hooks and shelves and boxes!

Lochore Meadows, Fife - Juniperdaze.com
Easter Sunday Walks in Lochore Meadows Fife.

We also took a trip to Ikea this week, we are lucky in that we live 15 minutes away and so can nip in when we are passing and so don’t tend to impulse buy a lot of things! I know when we used to live a bit further away we would always be coming out with random bits and pieces. We recently went to an event for Ikea family members that talked through new products and the ideas behind it. Ikea is all about the simplicity and it is what you make it. Most things are totally customisable which is what I love. I have been on two Ikea family events and they are good. There’s normally super yummy food and a goodie bag! We got a candle, some oil, a bottle and an Ikea book. Last time we went to a living room event and got a blanket, a candle some IKEA food and we also got a voucher for free delivery which was helpful! Keep an eye out for events in your store. Also worthwhile keeping an eye out on the Ikea family offers, we got a mattress last week which was £170 down to £130 and then if you ate in the restaurant you got an extra £10 off. It was a limited offer so we bought the mattress and then went back the week after for the bed!

Ikea Family Event - Edinburgh Ikea
Ikea Family Event – With Free Food and Wine!

So one of my days off was spent disassembling our old bed, this was also a total bargain about 6 years ago from Laura Ashley. However, it has been built up and taken down so many times its getting a little rusty. The instructions for the Ikea bed said it required 2 people, I thought, challenge accepted! It wasn’t until last night when my back was aching that I realized maybe that was why! Lucky I had a nice new mattress to sleep on! Alongside our new bed, we are planning on decorating our bedroom this weekend. So we have been checking over paint samples and working out what colours we want. I think we have finally decided and so that is today’s job – to go to B & Q and pick up some paint. Watch this space for an update!

Ikea Kopardal Bed Frame £99
Ikea Kopardal Bed Frame £99

On the one sunny day, I got my gardening done. I replanted my veg patch with carrots, leeks, onions, potatoes, and peas. I also got these wee tins from Wilko – they were £1 each and were everything you need to start growing your own. I am not sure how well they will work but seem a great idea for people who want to grow their own but have no idea where to start. I have no idea what I am doing with my garden by the way. I just figured it’s not like you can muck it up if something grows its good. I have no idea what a weed is, but if it looks pretty it can stay! I’ve planted some bulbs and seeds and we will see what happens!

Wilko Seeds in a Can
Wilko Seeds in a Can
Vegetabe Planter Using Wooden Pallet - Grow Your Own.
My Garden Veg Patch

Finally this week I launched a new product in my Etsy Store. Hexagonal Placemats. I already had rectangle ones but I don’t know they weren’t quite right. I figured that since I have hexagonal coasters lets go with hexagonal placemats. I made some for our house using a vintage map we found in my grandad’s house. I love the colors of them and the fact they have a story! You can have a wee look here and there is 20% off in the shop in April! Use the code APRIL2018.

Map Placemats - Personalised - Juniper Daze Designs Etsy Store
Our New Hexagonal Placemats

It is not until I have written it all out of what I have been up to this week that actually it looks like quite a lot. I mean I have watched A LOT of Grey’s Anatomy this week. Also, I downloaded Theme Hospital, as a little throwback to my nineties childhood! What a game that was! So I suspect after I get back from the shops I will be continuing with that!

Theme Hospital - Nineties throwback!
Theme Hospital

Next week is a little more exciting, we are going to the Harry Potter bar in Edinburgh, have a Spa Break booked for our 2nd Anniversary, I am going to Dublin for the day and have lots of plans to catch up with friends next week! I suppose this week has been the calm before the storm! I have been really getting into my Instagram and Insta Stories (@Juniperdaze) so you should check them out. I know that’s a shameless plug but seriously I am upping my game! Hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you on the other side!







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