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Escape Reality, A Family Day Out in Edinburgh

If you are a child of the nineties like me you will have obsessed and dreamed of one day going on Crystal Maze or Fort Boyard. Well, that was until I realized I’m not keen on snakes so Fort Boyard was out of the question. Crystal Maze though! What a show. Last weekend I got to unleash my inner adventure hunter and head along to Escape Reality in Edinburgh’s Fountainbridge.

The Escape Rooms are based in the up and coming Fountain bridge in West Edinburgh. Just off Lothian Road and a short walk from Haymarket there are plenty of bars, restaurants and Escape Reality to keep your self-entertained.

Escape Reality Edinburgh - Escape Room

We opted to try out the Alcatraz room, which unbeknown to us was the hardest level. Top tip read the website fully before making a choice in your Escape Room. We received a warm welcome and an encouraging pep talk from all the staff, who thought we were brave attempting the Alcatraz room despite the fact we had never been to an Escape Room before. Ah well, what’s a little challenge amongst friends!

Alcatraz - Escape Reality Edinburgh

At this point I maybe should introduce my team – we had my husband, an actual scientist, my mum – who has unique mum spidey senses and me who is obsessed with crime documentaries. The perfect crew for breaking out of Alcatraz right? I know you can have a team of up to 6, but I think I would choose wisely if you want to remain friends at the end of the hour. It’s a highly pressured environment and the timer is not your friend.

I don’t want to give too much away about the room but I can tell you that the basic premise is that we were split into two cells and you have an hour to escape. I initially worried about being claustrophobic but it actually was fine. You are given a tablet with the timer and there are QR codes if you get stuck and need a hint. Also if you’re really stuck you can press a wee switch and the helpful staff member comes and helps out. We were helped by a guy called Jamie who was lovely and actually we had done all the hard work we were just not quite lining up the codes on the locks. Ah well!

We were doing really well as a team although as the time went on we did get a little stressed running around like headless chickens! We, unfortunately, ran out of time but we were on the last puzzle so you know pretty good going for our first attempt!

There are 5 rooms in total at Escape Reality: jungle, mental asylum, haunted house, pirates, and Alcatraz. All with differing difficulty levels. I think it’s the perfect wet weather or summer holiday activity. It could totally be done with kids as well as adults.

I would like to thank the team at Escape Reality for inviting me along to test out the room. Although I got complimentary entry, everything in the review is the truth. I did really enjoy it and so did my family!





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