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A Wine Tasting Experience at Veeno, Quartermile Edinburgh

I am always looking for new and different places to go to in Edinburgh as sometimes I feel a little stuck in a rut. Last Friday Night my husband and I went to Veeno situated in the Quartermile in Edinburgh. Firstly I didn’t really know how big Quartermile really was, I have walked past the Sainsbury’s and Starbucks, but I didn’t know that it actually went back and there are lots of bars and restaurants here.

Veeno Edinburgh - Wine Tasting Experience - Juniper Daze

Veeno is in Lister Square and is a perfect location for after work drinks. The fairy lights and rustic style decoration give it a laid-back feel. We booked ahead but we did feel a little shoehorned into a wee nook with a tiny table (at one point a man walked past our table and knocked our bread on the floor) This would maybe be the only criticism of the place. There are larger booths and even a private Wine Tasting Room for bigger parties. I would suggest requesting of the booths if possible.

Veeno Edinburgh - Wine Tasting Experience - Juniper Daze

Before I start, I should probably say my husband only started drinking wine after I forced him into going to a wine bar when we were in France, I am just reaching the point of adulthood where I realise it really does pay off spending a little more money on a bottle of wine. The wine tasting was great for us in that we got to work out what we liked and didn’t like.

Veeno Edinburgh - Wine Tasting Experience - Juniper Daze

We opted for the Selezione Wine Tasting Experience. This included tasting 2 Whites, 1 Rose, and 2 Red Wines as well as paired meats and cheeses or ‘sputini’. This gave us a good range of wines and the platter was massive! All the wines are from the same family-owned vineyard – Caruse Minini, which is situated in Sicily. Our waiter was great at talking through the wine and giving plenty of time for questions and he pitched it at the right level for us wine novices without making us feel like idiots (although at some points I did politely nod along pretending I was more sophisticated than I was)

Veeno Edinburgh - Wine Tasting Experience - Juniper Daze

Firstly we tried a White Wine – Sicani Grillo. This was very dry which I wouldn’t normally go for but paired with a creamy mozzarella it was delicious. One thing I really must say is I didn’t realise how important wine and food pairing is until now. They really do bring the best out in each other.


The Second Wine – Sicani Zibibbo was more of a floral wine. It was by far both of our favorite wine of the whole tasting. It was paired with Speck which is a smoked ham and was delicious too.


Next, we moved onto a Rose – Tasari – This is the house Rose and although it is quite a dry taste was also really drinkable.  This was paired with another cured meat which I didn’t quite get the name of but again the two worked well together coupled with some of the mozzarella.


The Red wines were next which we were both a bit unsure of, I will drink Red wine although it’s not my favourite, my husband wasn’t sure about them either. First was a Sciani Perricone – which is labeled on the website as ‘Experts Only’. I mean it was a nice wine and quite drinkable, especially paired with the Brasala meat.


Finally was the Seleizioni Nero D’Avola “Cutaja” – This was a really rich and sweet red wine. It worked really well with the gorgonzola cheese although by this point we were getting a little ‘wined’ out and so many flavours to taste. We were treated to a Marsala and tiramisu to end our evening on, although neither of us typically like tiramisu, this one was delicious!


Overall the service, the atmosphere, the food and the wine were all great and it was a great evening out. As I said the only thing I would have changed was us not being tucked away in a wee corner of the restaurant. The wine tasting experience normally costs £26.90 per person which I think is good value considering you are getting 5 glasses of wine (50ml each) and a sharing platter which was plenty to eat. There are two restaurants in Edinburgh, one in Quartermile and the other is on Rose Street.

Veeno Edinburgh - Wine Tasting Experience - Juniper Daze

You can find out more about their Wine Tasting and Menus here. 

*Note – I was invited to review Veeno in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own honest opinion.

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